Back in Black…or at Least Blogging

6 Sep

Food JefeI’ve been deficient in my blogging. I’ve found Twitter to be an easier way to quickly post things. I’m now back and committed to posting a blog here at least once a week. Here I go….

September is here, but it’s going to be 81 degrees here. I love it, but it makes us still want to eat light. We decided to celebrate a weekend together (girls are both now home) by having Pato de Taco (Duck Tacos). The recipe is featured on this blog. I think I call it Pato de Dan or Pato de Jefe. I will have to work out something.

Bottom line ~ I’m back to blogging some of the cool things we are eating. As we move into Fall and Winter, there are plenty of opportunities to talk about food. In fact, I may expand my posts to include fine spirits, wine, beer, and cigars. I welcome your comments and also invite you to follow me on Twitter. You can see my tweets on this blog – @TheFoodJefe.

Eat well and prosper…


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This Steak Was Ribbing Good

6 Jan

Check this out…

Took a beautiful pair of rib steaks from the freezer and thawed them during the NFL playoff games (I bet the fans in Cincinnati and Green Bay were thawing, too). Here is what I did to these bad boys…

  • Prepped the steaks with garlic-infused olive oil, salt, lemon pepper, garlic powder, and chopped oregano
  • Heated up a skillet at medium temp and coated with some more garlic-infused olive oil (see a trend?)
  • Tossed the steaks onto the skillet and covered for 3 minutes on medium
  • At the turn, added a sliced lemon half face down into the oil. Recovered and went for 3 1/2 minutes
  • Esposita thought they were a little too medium rare, so we went for a couple more minutes
  • Took those guys out, squeezed the remaining lemon juice on them, and let rest for 5 minutes
  • I then took a gob of butter and let melt over top

One word – spectacular!

Try it…you’ll love it. Out of bounds recipe!

Eat well,


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Pigging Out on Christmas

26 Dec

My roasted pig was a success for Christmas. I told you on Twitter (@TheFoodJefe) that I’d give you the recipe if it was good and it was very, very good!

  • 15 pound pork shank (I didn’t officially weigh it – Esposita and I guessed)
  • Pop that gorgeous porker into a big roaster and set your oven to 350 degrees
  • Add 24 ounces of beer. I used Stone Smoked Porter
  • Drizzle lots and lots of pure honey over that honey
  • Add frozen mango chunks. I’m allergic to pineapple (makes my tongue burn and itch), so I substituted mango. If you like pineapple, go for it!
  • Nutmeg for good measure. That’s right…nutmeg.
  • Put pork into the oven and cook for about 5 hours basting regularly (about every 90 minutes or so).

The cooking time will depend on your pork and the heat you use. I went at 350 and was using a pre-cooked pork that cam from the butcher. High quality pig with no bad stuff in him. Just keep watching how it cooks as you baste. You need to avoid overcooking. One it starts falling apart and smelling awesome, you may just abut be done!

Anyway, it was terrific. Give it a try…you will be glad you did!

Eat well,



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Hamburguesas Colombianas

13 Dec


Home run just hit after it looked like it only had warning track depth…

Here’s the deal. I found this fantastic new recipe for hamburgers on one of my favorite web sites, My Colombian Recipes. Erica Dinho is a Colombian in New York and I avidly follow her Twitter account to stay current on her recipes. I found this recipe for Hamburguesas Colombianas. I decided to make these for Esposita as she had a long week of commuting for work. Remember, I’m a stay at home, work from home hubbie. I figured it might score me some points.

It didn’t exactly go as planned. I probably didn’t chop up the scallions and onions as well as Erica might have. A little chunky. I also added an egg because it seemed to dry for me. When I went to the slaw, that’s where I ran into problems. I don’t have a food processor. Yes, you read correctly…no food processor. I only read the ingredients before I went shopping. So I had to call an audible. I decided to turn the slaw into a sauce. I mixed the mayo, the sour cream, lime juice, salt, pepper, paprika, and cumin all together and whisked vigorously. Tasted pretty good. I was still nervous though as I went to pick up Esposita. I thought my home run drive might land in deep left centerfield. Warning track power only. Why did I feel this way? The onions were a little chunky and I had to deviate from a perfectly good recipe because I didn’t read ahead.

Esposita got home and the house actually smelled great. She started eating my sauce with the Sea Salt potato chips before I even started grilling. I was scared she was going to finish it off before the burgers came out! Bottom line is the burgers and the sauce were home runs. Esposita said the burger was her new favorite. I’m not sure if she was exaggerating but she ate it all up!

Here you go…I’m going to let you check out Erica’s web site for the real recipe. I’ve got a backup for the food processor and I’m going to try it again. The beauty of this dish is the cumin and paprika. They really make the burger and the sauce pop. Make your next burger special by cooking it Colombian style!

Eat well,


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Oh Boy Avocado!

6 Dec

I just had an angry email sent to me. It was my first as the Jefe so I’m feeling good. Here it is…

Dear Jefe,
I strongly dispute your assertion in the Scrambled egg post on November 9th  that coconut oil is the only good oil to cook with.  Try Avocado oil, which you can find at Costco or a gourmet food shop.  It has a higher smoke point than your coconut oil,  520F compared to 350F to 450F for coconut oil (Depending of course upon if you are using virgin or refined). It has a great flavor as well as providing much versatility in cooking options.  It is also high in Vitamin E and Monounsaturated fats, which promote good HDL (at least in a few studies).”

Okay…so it was my brother-in-law and he really wasn’t angry, but it sounded good.

I LOVE avocados so I’m all over this like an avocado on a taco. I’m going to head to my local Costco and see what’s cooking. More to come!

Oh…Thanks, Matt!

Eat well,


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The Night Before Thanksgiving…

27 Nov

The Jefe Stir Fry Color Montage…

Add a nice red wine and a precocious, food stealing Jack Russell and we have the Night Before Thanksgiving at Casa del Jefe. Jack has already made me post before I wanted to…dog!

Eat well,


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Domingo Por La Mañana with The Food Jefe

17 Nov

Home Alone 3….see my Tweets on Twitter.

Random thoughts on this Domingo with Esposita on a girls weekend with her sisters…

1. Made Bourbon Blue Cheese burgers last night and watched college football. Sorry to see USC win, but it was a fun game to watch.

2. I enjoyed a Baileys with coffee while watching The Hunger Games. I thought Jennifer Lawrence was brilliant in her role. I wasn’t sure what to expect and actually loved the movie. Lawrence is going to be a superstar (and probably already is). I’m pumped to watch the sequel.

3. Went to Mass this morning and then went to cemetery and visited Dad. Cold, windy November morning.

4. Esposita is the best. She made enough pancakes before she left to cover me for the weekend. Watching some NFL while munching on pancakes and quiche, and a nice, hot coffee. Dogs are resting after a busy morning of eating breakfast and going potty. They know today is Domingo!

5. Seahawks on later today. Already wearing my 12 jersey to cheer hard from home. Excited for the Hawks debut of Percy Harvin.

6. I’ve got all the fixin’s ready to make Esposita Tacos de Pato (Duck Tacos). I will get all the slaw and stuff early so it’s ready to go post Seahawks win.

Wow. That’s a lot. I love Domingos in November. What are you doing and eating today?

Eat well,


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