Crabby at Obrycki’s in Baltimore

1 Mar

Crab Cakes at Obrycki's in Baltimore

I’m hanging out at my gate at Sea-Tac Airport waiting to board a plane to Baltimore and eventually my final destination of Providence. I see that we are making a quick stop in St. Louis, so I ask the lady at the gate how long it will be. Turns out I won’t even get off the plane. My big layover is in Baltimore for 4 hours. I ask if she knows any good restaurants in the Baltimore terminal. She doesn’t, but fortunately for me, a guy with an Orioles hat does. He says, “You need to go to Obrycki’s and have the crab cakes. They are right in the Southwest Airlines terminal. You won’t be sorry.” Okay then!

Mr. Orioles hat is right. I find Obrycki’s at Gate B9 and my next flight is at B10. Serendipity. As I take a look at the menu, the crab cakes jump out at me. They have two options – one crab cake or two, along with fries and slaw. I opt for the one. Experience tells me the larger size is sometimes too much and the price is $11 more.

Let’s just say I liked it so much, I ended up getting the second one!

The crab cake is about 4 inches around and literally melts in your mouth. I had to slow down so that I didn’t pound it down too fast. Really moist and flavorful. The fries and slaw were fine, but the cakes were the king. I recommend their house Merlot. I didn’t get the name, and I wish I had because it was excellent.

Moral of the story…

Always ask around to see if someone knows a good place, especially the locals. If they don’t volunteer their favorites like Mr. Orioles hat, then ask. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed when I have.

Hats off to Obrycki’s in Baltimore!

Eat Well,


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