Eating Out for Business

7 Mar

When you find yourself eating out a lot for business, it’s really tough to eat Paleo. It’s hard to avoid sugars, bread, and other carbs. Today, I found myself at one of my favorite places to eat, the Washington Athletic Club in downtown Seattle.

The WAC’s food is awesome, but I’ve been eating outside my 80% Paleo rule lately. As I found myself feeling that lunch-time hunger pang, I turned my attention to salads. Here’s what I chose…

A delicious Tuna Avocado salad. Lots of tuna and tons of avocado slices. Avocado is totally Paleo and a great substitute for many sugary and high carb items. The salad was also dressed with plenty of greens and tomatoes. I lightly dressed it with a nice raspberry vinaigrette. I’m sure that had some sugar, but I didn’t use a lot and it kept it well within my boundaries.

Here’s the deal – it’s a good thing to eat with clients and prospects for business. In fact, it’s almost essential. It’s also easy to pack on the pounds with a lot of rich food. Find ways to keep it light (you will also perform better in business…really) by finding salads with unique and cool offerings. Avoid creamy and preservative-filled dressings and opt for oils and vinegar. You will walk away lightly and fulfilled.

Eat Well,

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