Oh Boy Osso Buco!

7 Mar

It seems like I’ve been eating out a whole lot lately. This is NOT normal, and fortunately I’ve had some good food. Last night was a true treat.

I went to a Poulsbo restaurant called Sogno di Vino. I’ve eaten there before with mediocre results. The food wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t memorable. Until last night. I was there for a business dinner and ordered the Osso Buco (to learn what Osso Buco IS, keep reading). I’ve had Osso Buco on many occasions in restaurants and at home. Esposita makes a mean Osso Buco. The one I got last night was a rock star. The meat literally fell off the bone; the gravy was rich and flavorful; it was simply a culinary delight. In addition, there was a small strip of pork, green beans, and a terrific polenta.By the way, the meat was wild boar.

I can honestly say it was the best Osso Buco I’ve ever had and I wouldn’t hesitate for a second going back for more. If you’ve never tried it, you must. If you live in Kitsap County (WA), head over to Sogno di Vino in Poulsbo and order it. You will be happy you did.

P.S. No photo. I forgot my iPhone, darn it!

Eat Well,


Osso Buco (courtesy of Wikipedia) – Ossobuco or osso buco is Italian for “bone with a hole” (osso bone, buco hole), a reference to the marrow hole at the center of the cross-cut veal shank. In the local Western Lombard Milanese dialect, this dish’s name is oss bus.



2 Responses to “Oh Boy Osso Buco!”

  1. mizrhi March 11, 2012 at 5:04 am #

    Wild game is healthier for the environment than beef, so its win win. Nice post.

  2. danweedin March 11, 2012 at 8:59 pm #

    Thanks for your comment!

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