Great Breakfast at The Oak Table

10 Mar

I had a meeting this morning at The Oak Table in Kingston, WA. This has become our regular spot for our monthly board meetings. I think the impetus to get us to the meeting is more geared towards the food rather than the business!

Here’s what I love about The Oak Table…

1. The food is out of bounds. I’ve never had a bad or even mediocre meal there. Today, I had the special – a turkey and avocado quiche (to my Paleo friends – yes a little crust, but I eschewed the potatoes and pancakes and opted for the fruit).

2. The service is even better than the food. Every server and hostess has a smile and great energy. They genuinely act like they are happy to see you.

3. The ambiance. It feels like you are in an old-fashioned breakfast diner. It’s clean, warm, friendly, and smells really, really good.

I guess my dining out continues. This weekend, I’m cooking. Last night, I grilled a halibut fillet and heated up some green beans. I added lemon-pepper and garlic powder to the green beans to boost the flavor,. It was a good call. I plan on being more creative over the weekend. Stay tuned…

Eat Well,


Turkey-Avocado Quiche from The Oak Table

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