The Eye-Test Garlic Burger

11 Mar

Saturday nights dinner…

My Eye-Test Garlic Burger with a Paleo Flair:

  • Eye-Test means no measurements. You use your eyes to decide how much you want to out in. It’s the “Eye-Test” baby!
  • 2 pounds of grass-fed ground beef. I repeat..GRASS-FED. Don’t waste your time or your health on ground beef that may have those fillers. Costs more but worth it for health AND taste. Enough said.
  • 2 cage-free, hormone-free eggs. Cage-free, hormone free. Do I need to say more?
  • Garlic powder. 21 Seasonings. Lemon Pepper. Use your eyes. Be liberal with your amounts for added flavor.
  • Mix well. Stick it on your grill. I love my mini George Foreman grill. Four patties fir perfectly and I grill them for 10 minutes. Cold and windy outside. Perfect inside. Just saying…

Esposita made her world-famous sweet potato fries. Perfectly okay for my Paleo pals. Sliced up the sweet taters; added olive oil and the Montreal Grill spice. This stuff is out-of-bounds. In the oven at 380 degrees for about 20  minutes (feel this one, too).

We threw in the leftover green beans we had the night before. Add in a new wine I picked up at Trader Joe’s. It’s a Francis Ford Coppola “Rosso.” Very. very nice. Went perfectly with the meal. I will be trekking back to Trader’s for more.

You have this recipe with my blessing (Esposita’s tambien!). A terrific Saturday night meal.

P.S. Almost forgot for my Paleo Pals. The burgers were sans bread. I added some additional flavor and fun with Trader Joe’s Tartar Sauce with a Kick. Just the right “POW” for a perfect burger. We don’t need no stinking bread!

Eat Well.


The Food Jefe in his "environment"


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