Bad Boy

13 Mar

Okay, it’s Lent so I have to confess….

I was on a business meeting today and lunch was provided. Now, in full transparency, I did choose my meal. I just never expected what I got!

I was in the cozy town of Coupeville, WA which is just down the island from my hometown of Oak Harbor. The lunch was delivered and I must admit, I was hungry. I had ordered something called the Eggplant Parmigiana from Ciao Whidbey. This “sandwich” was out-of-bounds BIG and FLAVORFUL. I mean, the bread was humongous (bad Paleo day). The “sandwich” was beautifully executed and delicious…and not just because I was hungry. I ate it all because I was hungry and far from home, otherwise it would have fed me another meal! To give you an idea, it looked like a calzone on steroids. Awesome.

To make matters worse, some nice people brought in some chocolate cake. I couldn’t make them feel bad, right? I had to have a small piece. (extra bad for Paleo). Hey peeps from the Poulsbo Athletic Club, prepare to see me on the treadmill tomorrow!

If you’re on Whidbey Island, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to Ciao Whidbey!

Eat Well,


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