Happy St. Patty’s Day with Style

17 Mar

Okay, no talk of green beer from me today. But don’t think for a moment I’m not in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit. As a a Catholic, this is a grand feast day. We are all Irish today (even  St. Patrick wasn’t really Irish).

A few years ago, I found a terrific recipe in a Southwest Airlines in-flight magazine. Here is my quick share with you today (full disclosure – NOT, I say, NOT Paleo-friendly)…

  • Pull out your blender
  • Pour a full bottle of Guinness into the blender
  • Add Vanilla ice cream (at least three big scoops). Don’t be shy.
  • Blend vigorously into a milkshake and pour into your favorite stein or milkshake glass
  • Top off with a wee bot o’ whipped cream.
  • Throw some green sprinkles and pop on a cherry for a bit of luck.
  • Enjoy!

Note – I’ve also used chocolate ice cream and actually favor that. Dark, rich chocolate goes with the beer. This was the recipe from the magazine, but I wanted to give you this option, too!

Off to a St. Patrick’s Day party tonight. I will report full tomorrow!

May the luck of the Irish be with you today!

Eat well,


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