Dining Out in Poulsbo

26 Mar

Burrata Bistro is my favorite restaurant in Poulsbo. Maybe one of my top five restaurants period.


Easy. It’s the same reasons you like your favorite restaurants…

  • Food is out of bounds. All the time. You never have to worry about a dud night because they don’t have them.
  • Variety of options. They always have new and creative dishes. They also come back with favorites. If you know it’s going to be good, you are willing to take risks on new foods.
  • Service is tops. Servers are gregarious, humorous, knowledgeable, accessible, and always around.
  • Owners are visible and always checking in.
  • Atmosphere is always the best. Always. You hear conversations, laughter, merriment and the lighting is just right for either a romantic dinner, or a night with your friends.

Consistency in food, service, and atmosphere will always keep you coming back for more. And, it will for me at Burrata Bistro.

Last night’s meal for me – Pork Osso Buco and Carrots on top of a white potato pancake thing. The “thing” rocked along with the Osso Buco. Had a wonderful wine that doesn’t show up on the wine menu. A “ducky” Pinot Noir that was tremendous. For the grand finale, Esposita and I split the Flan (actually I think it was 75-25 me).

Wonderful friends, lots of laughs, and a much needed night out with my best girl. We will have to rinse and repeat very soon!

Eat Well,


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