Perfect Bad Boy Chops

29 Mar

Tonight, we had the perfect pork chop (if I do say so myself)…

It starts with pork that is raised without hormones or other nasty stuff. Thanks to my pal Mark Ross for providing the homegrown pork, and Farmer George in Port Orchard for the fine butchering of the chops.

Next, you defrost these fine chops. These defrosted yesterday and sat in the refrigerator overnight.

Esposita and I were given a gift by some friends of a Hawaiian rub. It has garlic and ginger among other things. I rubbed that chop really well with this terrific rub as the olive oil got hot on the pan.

Dropped those bad boys onto the pan at medium high. At one point, to avoid any splatter, we cover with another pan.

After about 5 minutes, the edges are starting to curl, which means they are ready to flip. I took a handful of Rosemary and sprinkled over the chops and flipped. Five more minutes on the pan (covered) and these guys are smokin’!

(At the same time, we are baking some beautiful asparagus…)

The bad boy chops were perfect – tender on the inside with a really nice crunch on the outside. The flavor of the rub and the lemon pepper just burst in our mouths.  Esposita said it was the best she’d ever had (and I’m talking chops here people).

Perfect Bad Boy Pork Chops is my new name for the fellas. Good thing I have more in the freezer because a bad boy redux is in order!

Eat well,


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