ChocMo is More Than Just Chocolate

7 Apr

One of my absolute favorite places to eat is an eclectic, trendy place in Poulsbo called ChocMo. The joint is owned by a cool young guy named Peter Crabtree. Peter got his start at 15 years old making chocolate truffles. His restaurant now not only features chocolates made with beer, wine, and spirits, but out-of-bounds food. I eat there for lunch as often as possible and on Thursday went there for dinner with Esposita and a guest of ours. We were NOT disappointed!

Because we are still trying to be as Paleo as possible, we worked hard to avoid hard carbs like bread. Esposita came up with a terrific idea, as she often does. After an appetizer of meats and cheeses (yum by the way), we split two orders of his famous Crabtree sliders sans bread, and ordered a terrific green salad with feta and nuts. The burgers came from their own cows and were outstanding. Peter brought us a mustard that was shipped in from France. Magnificent. I was ready to hop a plane to Paris and pick some up for the house!

Bottom line – ChocMo rocks. For those of you in Kitsap County, they are in Poulsbo next door to the liquor store. Open at 10 AM and have awesome mochas to start your day, and crazy good food for lunch and dinner. I will try to get a video interview with Peter for this blog soon!

Eat well,


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