Galloping with Graham Kerr – Part 1

14 Apr

Esposita and I hanging with Graham Kerr

Esposita and I spent 2 hours with Graham Kerr (aka The Galloping Gourmet) at the Port Ludlow Resort today. The 78-year old rock star of cooking lives in Mt. Vernon and is as passionate about cooking as ever. He has a new passion that involves healthy cooking. He and his wife Treena explained that due to some ailments she has had, they have made a dramatic shift in healthy eating, especially beefing up on vegetables and growing your own food. Fascinating stuff!

And, in true “Chopped” mode, he and the executive chef from the resort opened up their baskets and gave a 30-minute cooking demonstration with the contents that they had no idea of going in. It was a tremendous experience to hear both of them explain and talk cooking as they cooked. Afterwards,, we tasted that food plus what they cooked the night before. As an added plus, we walked out with two cook books by one of the original television cooks and have a whole bunch of new ideas to play with. In fact, one of the books was about what he learned on his travels and includes food from his trip to Colombia! Muy bueno!

This is part one of a series of blogs about today’s experience. Esposita and I had a blast. Not only did we get to see a master at work and learn from him, we actually had a date, too!

More to come…

Eat well,

Food Jefe

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