Galloping with Graham Kerr – Part 2

15 Apr

Graham Kerr discussing food

One of the things I learned early in Graham’s speech was the theory of TACT.

Because of Treena’s illnesses, they had to make some changes in their diet. That meant finding things that they both liked to eat. Graham came up with the concept of TACT, and I really believe it applies to all of us. He suggests that all of eating actually happens above the neck. We LIKE food based on our senses that emanate from above the neck and not in our stomach. So, using the following acronym, let’s play along…

T – Taste

A – Aroma

C – Color

T – Texture

If you grade the foods you like and those that are good for you, use the concept of TACT to decide what you want to cook. Taste is about the flavor in your mouth; Aroma impacts your olfactory sense; Color appeals to your eyes; and Texture goes back to your mouth. What a terrific and easy way to determine what you like to eat and what you should be cooking. We are going to immediately implement TACT into Jefe’s kitchen (also because tact outside the kitchen isn’t one of my strong points!).

More to come…

Eat Well,

Food Jefe

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