The Great Garlic Caper Burger

21 Apr


It’s been too long since I posted. Busy week, but I’m back working it out on the weekend. Last night, Esposita and I went out on the town and watched an Eagles tribute band called Hotel California at the Admiral Theatre in Bremerton, WA. They were awesome. So was the pre-func dinner we had at Anthony’s in Bremerton. I had a plank grilled halibut and garlic mashed potatoes, with asparagus to die for. Nice red wine that happens to share the name of my dog (Jack) and a nice Espresso martini with Kahlua and vanilla, and we have a nice start to the evening. Hotel California took it from there.

So today, as you can imagine, I was a little tired. BUT, not too tired to fire up the George Foreman grill. Esposita brought her “A-game” and made her out-of-bounds sweet potato fries and some rockin’ slaw. I made a new creation I call – the Great Garlic Caper burger.

No measurements.

  • A little over 2 lbs. of grass-fed beef
  • Sea Salt (learned from Graham Kerr that not all salt is equal…more later)
  • Organic Dijon mustard from Trader Joe’s
  • Garlic powder
  • 2 cage-free eggs
  • Capers, capers, capers. I just poured them on…

Mixed together with lots of gusto and slammed on the indoor grill for 10 minutes. Came out with a great char and slopped on top of Esposita’s slaw. Threw the fires down net to them and then “smothered” with some delicious Crimson Cove alder-smoked blue cheese from the Poulsbo Farmers Market.

Okay…I gotta tell you. I had a some prime aguardiente while cooking it, which adds a little Colombian flare. Just saying…

Eat well,

Food Jefe

© 2012 The Food Jefe. All Rights Reserved


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