Patacones – A Colombian Delicacy

28 Apr

Outside Andres Carne de Res in Chia, Colombia

When I went to Colombia last August, one of my favorite foods to inhale, uh eat, were patacones. Patacones come from the plantain, which is sort of like a banana (yet very different). Plantains are bigger, sturdier, and slightly different in consistency. They are excellent to fry and popular in Hispanic cultures.

Since being home, I’ve played around with frying them and making patacones. I like serving them as an appetizer, however the ones I made last night could have passed as a dessert!

Plantains can be a challenge to peel. I’ve see Aaron Sanchez on The Food Network cook them a little in boiling water to help. I’ve not tried that yet, and still might. I basically cut off the ends, and then cut them length-wise. Once you start the peeling, you have to be slow and deliberate to get the whole peel off.

Last night, I realized I had a plantain that I purchased about a week ago. I new that with going to New York this week, that we needed to eat it. It was ripe and for the first time, the peel just slid off. I did my same thing – fried them for 2 minutes; took them out and pounded them flat; and returned to the frying pan until they got golden brown. I used olive oil and I liked it because I had to fry them at a lower temperature and I think they cooked better.

I threw the salt on liberally as I always do, but was surprised how sweet they were. The ripeness must have a real “dulce” effect on the taste. Esposita tried one and said we should eat them for dessert. I couldn’t wait, but I can imagine a little cinnamon and dipping chocolate for a future meal!

P.S. For you Kitsap County residents, I get my plantains from Central Market in Poulsbo!

Eat Well,

Food Jefe

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