La Manzana Grande Journal # 1

29 Apr

Esposita and I arrived in The Big Apple late afternoon. After dropping off our luggage, we were ready to see the sights and eat! Speaking for me, I was hungry.

After walking around Rockefeller Center, we landed in a terrific New York restaurant called Bill’s Burger & Brew.

We had a friendly and well-informed waiter named Jimmy. Jimmy was from Philly and really knows his stuff.  Since I’m at a burger joint, I need to have a burger (Paleo takes a backseat). I ordered a bacon and cheddar burger, topped with carmelized onions and mushrooms. Jimmy suggested a chop chop salad instead of fries, and I was off to the races. I had a terrific Argentinan malbec that was very smooth. After slowly and deliberately inhaling dinner (I actually did take my time and savor it), I caved and had a New York Cheesecake (hey I’m in New York) with a nice, freshly brewed decaf with cream.


First night in the city was a successful culinary experience. We are already getting plans for the rest of the week. I’m excited to share my New York foodie experience with you. Stay tuned!

Eat well,

Food Jefe

The Food Jefe. All Rights Reserved



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