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Memorial Day Weekend Cooking

28 May

Garlic & Caper Burger on Parsnips with Sweet Potato Fries and Asparagus

Friday night I started the holiday weekend with one of my favorites – a grilled pesto chicken. Yum! I love the taste of pesto on anything, and on a chicken it’s perfect. On Saturday, Esposita and I went to a birthday celebration. The food was excellent, but not very Paleo. It’s okay once in a while to deviate, and I deviated! In fact, see my Twitter account of the bacon/maple cupcake I ate! Sunday meant getting back to Paleo, with great eats!

Last night, we had company over so we broke out the big guns. I made my scrumptious garlic and capers burgers with grass-fed beef. I love my little George Foreman indoor grill and its perfect for the job. Since we are in full Paleo mode, no buns for us. Esposita and I combined on making a tasty parsnip puree we learned from Graham Kerr, the Galloping Gourmet. You slice up three parsnips, boil them, and then puree them with some white wine, mustard, and butter. it comes out looking like mashed potatoes, tastes terrific, and is good for you. You plate the parsnips, gently place the burger over top, and then Esposita’s special sauce topped it. Here is the sauce…

  • Trader Joe’s Mustard Aoli sauce,
  • Kerigold Butter
  • Organic mayonnaise

Butter and Aoli sauce melted together and then mix in the mayo.

Now, after all that, I like to add blue cheese crumbles. Now, that’s a burger!

In addition to our burger, Esposita made some delicious sweet potato fries and asparagus with cheddar. That’s a Memorial Day weekend feast! I encourage you to give it a try. I know you’ll love it!

On this Memorial Day, Esposita and I want to heartily thank all those who have and are serving. To those who gave their lives in the ultimate sacrifice for us, we will always pray for. Special thoughts this day for my father, who was a World War II veteran and served 30 years in the Navy. Thanks, Dad!

Dad 1925-2011


Thursday Morning Breakfast con Musica

24 May

I love cooking with a little music, and it’s always good to get fired up on a Thursday morning…

I decided to make Esposita some breakfast this morning as she has a full day of meetings until late tonight. You need to start your day off with a good, hearty breakfast, right? So, I flipped open my iPad, turned on some music, and got cooking.

I made a new egg concoction. I like scrambled eggs best because I can get very creative on what I add. Here’s what I did today…

  • 7 cage-free eggs
  • Sea Salt
  • Saffron (Trader Joe’s brand – good stuff)
  • A little bit of whipping cream
  • All-seasoning

Whipped it up really well while olive oil is getting hot on the stove. We had some leftover bacon which I heated up. Then, as the coup de grace, I added avocado slices on top of the eggs. Maravillosa!

The key is the music. I brought the breakfast all home while listening to Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Lopez, and Ozzy Osbourne. How can you go wrong with that?

Eat well,


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Eating Victoria

22 May

If you’re not familiar with the beautiful city of Victoria, British Columbia, then you’re missing out big. It’s a throwback to Victorian times. The capital of British Columbia boasts incredible water views, the Royal British Columbia Museum, shopping, diversity, a fabulous rose garden, and…..FOOD! And I mean really mouth watering, lip-smacking, can’t get enough of, food.

Esposita and I went with some friends to Victoria this past weekend. I tweeted a few posts while I was there. Consider this your culinary recap of food well eaten!

Il Tirrazzo is located down an alley off Johnson Street downtown. It’s my favorite place to eat in the city. This was the third time I have visited, and this might have been the very best dinner I’ve had there. We sat in a marvelous terrace and enjoyed a transportation fro old Victorian charm to Italian restaurant. The ambiance is spot on. So was the meal I ordered. I had braised buffalo short ribs on top of risotto with asparagus. The meal was outstanding. I might have licked the bowl if that was acceptable! The service was top-notch, the wine was excellent, and I even topped it off with a Blood Orange sorbet. Magnificent!

The next night, we stumbled upon a Scottish Pub in the hear of the city on Government Street called Bard & Banker. This place has a special story! When we walked in, I saw this large portrait/poster of Robert Service. Robert Service was my father’s favorite poet, and mine too. He penned the classic tales of “The Shooting of Dangerous Dan McGrew” and the legendary “Cremation of Sam McGee.” He was known as The Bard of the Yukon. When I saw that they had afforded him his own special section in the pub, I asked the waitress what the deal was. Turns out, Mr. Service worked in that building when it was a bank, prior to his trek to Alaska. What a treat that was for me! I loved the work of Mr. Service and to be in a place he was and eat his native Scottish food….wow…I was in heaven.

And, the food was heavenly. I feasted on a large plate of Lamb Bangers & Mash. This is lamb sausages on a bed of mashed potatoes. The second night in a row that I was tempted to lick the plate. I washed it all down with a wonderful special brew that honored Mr. Service’s name. A great ale with a hint of sweetness. Tremendous!

On Sunday, prior to coming home, Esposita and I walked around the waterfront waiting for the ferry. I found this cool food truck that served yam fries. We ordered one to split and it was a terrific sendoff for the weekend.

Note: If you want to eat out for breakfast, don’t plan on getting up early. None of the restaurants seem to open before 9:00 am. We stayed true to our Seattle roots and “dined” at Starbucks!

Enjoy the photos…

Braised Buffalo Short Ribs at Il Terrazzo












Bard & Banker menu












Victorian whale












Jefe and Esposita












Eat Well,


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Spaghetti Without Pasta

17 May

You may know that a Paleo-centric diet does NOT include pasta…

But we still love spaghetti!

So that means Paleo substitutes. Esposita is famous for concocting food items. She has successfully used spaghetti squash. Now, she has a new one…zucchini!

The spaghetti sauce is Italian sausage, eggplant, and tomatoes. Then she cut skinny strips of zucchini to look and act as noodles. The result…simply delicious!

If you like spaghetti and want to avoid those nasty carbs that come from pasta, then try either the spaghetti squash or go loco and use zucchini. You won’t be sorry, only full!

P.S. I added a little shredded cheddar…partial Paleo!

Eat Well,


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Mothers Day Weekend #1

11 May

Okay, Friday of Mom’s Day weekend is here. We had the “fast and furious” meal tonight because we hit Trader Joe’s first. We were a little hungry and it was getting late, so we went for fast and good.

Here’s what I made – tuna salad.

Before you knock it, try it. I put a little flair in my tuna. Here we go… (by the way – measurements are optional)

  • 2 cans of tuna
  • Real mayonnaise (as opposed to chemically induced mayo)
  • Organic Dijon mustard
  • Finely chopped fennel (doesn’t make you cry like onions and great flavor)
  • Capers (always, always a plus)
  • Sesame seeds
  • Mix together and serve over baby spinach
  • Top lightly with Rosemary
  • Glass of Cabernet Sauvignon for style

We will just consider this the appetizer. Early returns show Bad Boy Pork Chops on Saturday, and a request for my hamburgers on Sunday. Stay tuned…

Eat Well,


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New York Food Experience Recap

5 May

It’s amazing how once you get into New York City, time can get away from you. That’s what happened to me, so my “journal” was very short. All that being said, the food experience en La Gran Manzana was terrific. Here (in pictures) is my recap…

Eat Well,


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At the Pershing Cafe next to Grand Central – a delicious poached pear salad w/ toasted pistachios accompanied by shrimp.

Prior to watching Evita on Broadway, we ate at the R Lounge in Times Square and feasted on lamb burgers, fish tacos, salted baby peas, and much more…

more from the Grand Central Market

Grand Central Market – ate lunch there. I had a butternut squash lasagna!

At Bob’s Burgers & Beer with a bacon and cheddar burger topped with mushrooms and caramelized onions.