Mothers Day Weekend #1

11 May

Okay, Friday of Mom’s Day weekend is here. We had the “fast and furious” meal tonight because we hit Trader Joe’s first. We were a little hungry and it was getting late, so we went for fast and good.

Here’s what I made – tuna salad.

Before you knock it, try it. I put a little flair in my tuna. Here we go… (by the way – measurements are optional)

  • 2 cans of tuna
  • Real mayonnaise (as opposed to chemically induced mayo)
  • Organic Dijon mustard
  • Finely chopped fennel (doesn’t make you cry like onions and great flavor)
  • Capers (always, always a plus)
  • Sesame seeds
  • Mix together and serve over baby spinach
  • Top lightly with Rosemary
  • Glass of Cabernet Sauvignon for style

We will just consider this the appetizer. Early returns show Bad Boy Pork Chops on Saturday, and a request for my hamburgers on Sunday. Stay tuned…

Eat Well,


© 2012 The Food Jefe. All Rights Reserved


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