Memorial Day Weekend Cooking

28 May

Garlic & Caper Burger on Parsnips with Sweet Potato Fries and Asparagus

Friday night I started the holiday weekend with one of my favorites – a grilled pesto chicken. Yum! I love the taste of pesto on anything, and on a chicken it’s perfect. On Saturday, Esposita and I went to a birthday celebration. The food was excellent, but not very Paleo. It’s okay once in a while to deviate, and I deviated! In fact, see my Twitter account of the bacon/maple cupcake I ate! Sunday meant getting back to Paleo, with great eats!

Last night, we had company over so we broke out the big guns. I made my scrumptious garlic and capers burgers with grass-fed beef. I love my little George Foreman indoor grill and its perfect for the job. Since we are in full Paleo mode, no buns for us. Esposita and I combined on making a tasty parsnip puree we learned from Graham Kerr, the Galloping Gourmet. You slice up three parsnips, boil them, and then puree them with some white wine, mustard, and butter. it comes out looking like mashed potatoes, tastes terrific, and is good for you. You plate the parsnips, gently place the burger over top, and then Esposita’s special sauce topped it. Here is the sauce…

  • Trader Joe’s Mustard Aoli sauce,
  • Kerigold Butter
  • Organic mayonnaise

Butter and Aoli sauce melted together and then mix in the mayo.

Now, after all that, I like to add blue cheese crumbles. Now, that’s a burger!

In addition to our burger, Esposita made some delicious sweet potato fries and asparagus with cheddar. That’s a Memorial Day weekend feast! I encourage you to give it a try. I know you’ll love it!

On this Memorial Day, Esposita and I want to heartily thank all those who have and are serving. To those who gave their lives in the ultimate sacrifice for us, we will always pray for. Special thoughts this day for my father, who was a World War II veteran and served 30 years in the Navy. Thanks, Dad!

Dad 1925-2011


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