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Wine Reduction Sauciness

26 Jun

I love experimenting…

I was stove top cooking a swordfish and at the last minute decided to make a white wine reduction sauce. No recipe. No rules. No measurments. Going out on that proverbial limb.

Here’s what I did…

  • White wine poured in with the fish. After fish jumps out of the pan, I added more.
  • I added yellow mustard – 3 big squeezes
  • Garlic powder
  • Lemon Pepper
  • Capers

You never know when you concoct. This concoction turned out to be delicious, if I do say so myself! Esposita said it made the entire dish, especially because I didn’t care for the cut of the fish. Happy, happy!

The moral of the story…

Never be scared to try and test. This one worked, but if you’re not failing, you’re not trying. Keep trying…

Eat well,


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I’m Back!!! We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Bread

24 Jun

Dios Mio…

I dropped the burger on the kitchen floor! I haven’t blogged since June 3rd and I apologize. This month got crazy with a trip to Los Angeles, graduations, and life. But, no excuses and the Jefe is back and ready to roll.

Here’s my deal for today…

As you know, Esposita and I are trying to live a more Paleo lifestyle. That means bye-bye bread. I love bread, especially on Panini sandwiches. Luckily for me, Esposita found a replacement!


That’s right…eggplant. She takes the eggplant, peels and purees it, mixes it with eggs/almond flour/seasonings, places it in a shallow pan lined with parchment paper, and then cooks it like bread. We add all our Panini favorites like ham, cheese, turkey breast, vegetables, and chicken breast. I’m telling you, this eggplant feels, looks, and tastes like rye bread. Don’t believe me? Try it! Our amigos are simply amazed!

That’s right, eat all the Paninis you want and feel lighter on your feet. Use eggplant!

Eat well,


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Colombian Fiesta

3 Jun

Last night, Esposita and I cooked a Colombian Fiesta for a dinner party as part of a Rotary auction. Our exchange student from Colombia was the rock star celebrity with the group, and helped us enormously with the cooking. We traveled to the house with trinkets, displays, music, and food all set up for the red, blue, and yellow of Colombia!

The dinner party was for 7 people and turned into a terrific night. Good friends and food always go together!

Here is what we served…

Appetizer – I made my rapidly improving Patacones. These are fried plantains that are topped with Ahi sauce. This is a “picante” type of salsa sauce made with vinegar, onions, cilantro, salt, and a little jalapeno. Esposita made this really cool quiche-style dish with “morsilla,” which is a blood sausage. We found it at a local Hispanic store. Delicious. We also served Arepas, which are cornmeal cales with cheese inside.

Second Course – Ajiaco. This is a wonderful potato and chicken soup, that is topped with cream, cilantro, and capers. One of my very favorite dishes and Esposita is just hitting it out of the park every time she makes it.

Main course – Pork chops with apple and mustard accompanied by white rice (a colombian staple).

Dessert – Postre de Natas. A very smooth and silky custard-style mousse. A perfect ending.

Dinner parties are always fun, especially when there is a theme. We have one more of these to do and if there were any bugs to work out, I think we worked them out!

Eat Well,


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