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Eggs Getting Crabby

19 Jul

Esposita and I had to get up REALLY early this morning to join the send off party for our Rotary Exchange Student who was heading back home to Colombia today. We will really miss her (she loved my Pato de Dan, too). We left the house at 2:30 in the morning and returned around 6:45. Too late to nap, so it was all about what was for breakfast!

Somehow I had a surge of inspiration after turning on my Pandora and hitting some U2, Michael Jackson, Men Without Hats, and other great 80s music.

I pulled out 8 cage-fee eggs and mixed them together with leftover crab meat that we got from Esposita’s brother, straight out of the Dungeness. The crab was just out of the shell last night for dinner, so it was still very fresh. I mixed the crab and the eggs together with very simple seasoning – salt, lemon pepper, and a little garlic powder. The pan was prepared with olive oil and away we went.

One of the things I’ve learned is that heat is the enemy of eggs. I cook mine at just below medium heat, stirring constantly. Once they get to the point where they are firmed up, you have to move them off so they don’t overcook. These eggs were awesome if I do say so myself (Esposita DID say it). The only thing I might do differently next time is up the garlic powder. I didn’t get as much of that flavor as I would have liked.

Next time you are going an egg scramble and find yourself with any leftover meats from dinner (especially crab), don’t be afraid to toss it in. Eggs never get crabby about that!

Eat well.


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Mad Scientist #1

11 Jul

I was on my own for dinner the other night as Esposita and Kelli went out for a girls wine tasting event. I was left with very little in the kitchen. I felt like I was on Chopped without the pantry. No worries…my mad scientist hat popped on!

You can never go wrong with grilled burgers. I had some wonderful grass-fed beef, so that’s where I started. I am staying away from bread (going Paleo!), so I found some frozen chopped spinach in the freezer. I also pulled out some nice, white corn. The plan was to put the grilled burger on top of the spinach and add the corn to the side.

I took out about a pound of the beef and started working it over. I added two eggs, olive oil, salt, pepper, wasabi mayonnaise, and honey. Honey-wasabi burgers…yeah!

The only problem is that the mad scientist doesn’t measure things out…he just goes crazy. As I started to form the patties…well…it was mushy. I knew Esposita would want some when she got home and I’d already added the honey. I couldn’t add bread crumbs. So, I took the other pound of beef out and added it all in. Worked out well as far as patty forming. I did notice however after it was done, that I didn’t get the flavors of wasabi and honey that I would have liked. The experiments will continue until I get it right!

While those were busy grilling, I had the corn cooking on the stove and I was sauteing the spinach with garlic powder, olive oil, salt, and a little South African heat. Yum!

Overall, I was happy. The burgers were good, although I think I needed to add a touch more flavor. Next time!

I love the mad scientist because it’s a chance to take a few risks. You never know when you discover a true “monster!”

Eat well,


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Everything is Better with Sauce

1 Jul

I just love to make sauce out of thin air…

If you’re stove top cooking fish, duck, or chicken in a skillet, you can’t go wrong getting a little creative with sauces. Last night, I was cooking chicken breast on the stove top. It was my only duty as Esposita was making the rest of the meal. I knew I’d get bored after the chicken was done. So here’s what I figured…

I’ve got some good “stuff” on the bottom of the skillet from the chicken. I’d already poured in some red wine to help it cook. Add to that the leftover “debris” like sage, garlic powder, and South African Smoke. Once I took the chicken out, I added more red wine, lemon, yellow mustard, and butter. And I mean BUTTER, not that horrible margarine!

I got that reducing really nicely. You will see the flakes of the mustard, so make sure you mix it well. The end result was a wonderful sauce.

Take chances. I like butter, garlic, lemon, salt, pepper, and capers in my sauces. I’ve used both red and white table wines. The wine I used last night was one that we really didn’t care for the drink, but works just fine for cooking.

Try sauces for your favorite dishes. Be bold and try new things. You” more than likely love the result!

Eat well,


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