Everything is Better with Sauce

1 Jul

I just love to make sauce out of thin air…

If you’re stove top cooking fish, duck, or chicken in a skillet, you can’t go wrong getting a little creative with sauces. Last night, I was cooking chicken breast on the stove top. It was my only duty as Esposita was making the rest of the meal. I knew I’d get bored after the chicken was done. So here’s what I figured…

I’ve got some good “stuff” on the bottom of the skillet from the chicken. I’d already poured in some red wine to help it cook. Add to that the leftover “debris” like sage, garlic powder, and South African Smoke. Once I took the chicken out, I added more red wine, lemon, yellow mustard, and butter. And I mean BUTTER, not that horrible margarine!

I got that reducing really nicely. You will see the flakes of the mustard, so make sure you mix it well. The end result was a wonderful sauce.

Take chances. I like butter, garlic, lemon, salt, pepper, and capers in my sauces. I’ve used both red and white table wines. The wine I used last night was one that we really didn’t care for the drink, but works just fine for cooking.

Try sauces for your favorite dishes. Be bold and try new things. You” more than likely love the result!

Eat well,


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