Mad Scientist #1

11 Jul

I was on my own for dinner the other night as Esposita and Kelli went out for a girls wine tasting event. I was left with very little in the kitchen. I felt like I was on Chopped without the pantry. No worries…my mad scientist hat popped on!

You can never go wrong with grilled burgers. I had some wonderful grass-fed beef, so that’s where I started. I am staying away from bread (going Paleo!), so I found some frozen chopped spinach in the freezer. I also pulled out some nice, white corn. The plan was to put the grilled burger on top of the spinach and add the corn to the side.

I took out about a pound of the beef and started working it over. I added two eggs, olive oil, salt, pepper, wasabi mayonnaise, and honey. Honey-wasabi burgers…yeah!

The only problem is that the mad scientist doesn’t measure things out…he just goes crazy. As I started to form the patties…well…it was mushy. I knew Esposita would want some when she got home and I’d already added the honey. I couldn’t add bread crumbs. So, I took the other pound of beef out and added it all in. Worked out well as far as patty forming. I did notice however after it was done, that I didn’t get the flavors of wasabi and honey that I would have liked. The experiments will continue until I get it right!

While those were busy grilling, I had the corn cooking on the stove and I was sauteing the spinach with garlic powder, olive oil, salt, and a little South African heat. Yum!

Overall, I was happy. The burgers were good, although I think I needed to add a touch more flavor. Next time!

I love the mad scientist because it’s a chance to take a few risks. You never know when you discover a true “monster!”

Eat well,


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