Chopped Eggs for Dinner

10 Sep



Esposita and I found ourselves this evening very short on food. We are way past due doing “big shopping” do to being very busy. All of a sudden…we had what seemed to be nothing and neither of us were in the mood to go shopping. Making matters worse for me, I had promised to cook dinner!

Well, “Chopped” on The Food Network is one of my favorite shows, so I got a chance to test my skills. Here is what I did…

Wasabi Eggs

  • 7 eggs cracked in a bowl
  • Finely ground wasabi powder
  • Ground mustard
  • Salt
  • 21 Seasonings

Mix together well. Don’t ask about amounts. I did it by feel.

In the stove top, I heated up some bacon fat and then added chopped onions to sauté. After they were browned, I added the eggs. Don’t, I mean don’t overlook the eggs!

We had some leftover Chicken chop chop salad and we had dinner! The eggs were perfect and had a nice zest with the wasabi.

Bottom line. You can always find something to try even if your cupboard seems bare!

Eat well,


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