I’m Back…

16 Feb

Food JefeMy apologies for my “leave of absence.” Too many things going on in life that I just did a crummy job of posting on this blog. In my other life, I have several blogs that I keep up with, and since this is my fun blog, well, let’s just say it went to the back burner.

No more.

I have still kept up on my cooking, have created and tried new things, and should have been sharing with you. That I will do.

In an effort to stay more current, keep an eye out on my Twitter – @TheFoodJefe. I will be doing more short Tweets with this to stay active.

In addition, I will try to add some video. That way, you can see The Food Jefe in action.

This afternoon, I’m just hanging out writing and watching a little television. Watching Bobby Flay on Cooking Channel doing some New Orleans brunch. As I’ve been watching the Ken Burns documentary Jazz, this episode has me interested. I’d like to try some of it but I see a lot of brown sugar, white sugar, and high calories/carbs. Once in awhile isn’t bad, so it may have to be an occasional Sunday brunch thing.

More to come. Promise. Keep me honest. Read my posts and comment early and often. You will be my “accountability partner!”

Eat well,


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