Going to the Dogs

18 Feb
Waiting for the "drop."

Waiting for the “drop.”

Esposita and I have two dogs, Captain Jack and Bella. They are active, precocious, and smart Jack Russell terriers. They are dogs #3 and #4 in our marriage of nearly 27 years. They are still pretty young at 6 and 8 years old, especially for their breed. We plan on having them around for awhile.

Our first dog named Blondie was with us for 16 years. She was a great little terrier mix and became the “Queen B.” At 12 years old, she had a lump removed from her gums and after a biopsy, it was determined she had an aggressive form of cancer. Outside of invasive surgery or exorbitant treatments, she was given the death penalty and we were told she would live only 4 months. She lived 4 years.

Here’s why. Esposita did research on the Internet and found that dogs that live past 10 years old are highly susceptible to cancer. In fact, 50% will die from the disease. She also found that this has risen dramatically since the early 1970s. The same period of time that cancer has risen in humans, too!

In the “old days,” dogs ate scraps from the table. What adults and their canine pals were eating was fresh and cooked from scratch. Starting in about the 1970s, processed foods became a staple for both us and our furry friends. As our rate of cancer went up, so did theirs.

Esposita then changed Blondie’s diet. At first she made it herself. Then we discovered dog foods that were free of animal by-products and all the garbage found in processed foods. The next thing you know, Blondie was hanging around with us until deep in her old age, just like she should have.

As the Food Jefe, I want to help you eat better, smarter, and with more fun. Your dogs should do the same. I encourage you to find dog food that is healthy for them. Yes, it’s more expensive. However, the return on investment is a longer healthier life and fewer vet bills in their old age.

Hey, if you are going to eat well for life, make sure your best friends do , too! That’s a special message to you from my chums Captain Jack and Bella.

Eat Well,


P.S. Jack and Bella prefer Blue Buffalo. They like the grain free option. Neither them nor I receive any remuneration from Blue Buffalo for saying this. We just are telling you to kick start your search!

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