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Madness #3

22 Mar

Harvard and LaSalle just busted everyone’s bracket, including mine…

In honor of Boston and Philadelphia respectively (and because its Lent), here’s tonight’s Madness meal de jour…

– Grilled swordfish seasoned with simply salt, pepper, and olive oil, and a 3-ball from the deep corner
– Homemade tartar sauce – mayo, diced kosher pickles, capers, salt, Dijon mustard, and a full court press
– Green peas coming off the pick and roll
– aided greatly by the big man posting up – a Cabernet Sauvignon from the Rex Goliath Giant 47 pound Rooster.

Who knows, maybe a smooth shooting Aguardiente to cap off the game. We shall see!

Eat Well,


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Madness #2 – The Benchwarmers

21 Mar

Watching the Jack Rabbits from South Dakota State beating Michigan early in what is basically a home game for the Wolverines at the Palace in Auburn Hills. I love the Jack Rabbits. I took Michigan begrudgingly in my bracket, but the Jack Rabbits is easily one of the best mascot names ever (I also love the Akron Zips and Western Kentucky Hilltoppers).

The local boys from Spokane, the Gonzaga Bulldogs almost ending up eating a crow dinner with a side of “Southern” fried chicken after nearly laying an egg against Southern University.

Thursday games leave little to tailgate to as its actually a work day and I’m lucky I remembered to take something out if the freezer. I chose a swordfish that can be grilled on the old George Foreman. However, as I think about this, tomorrow is Friday and we will ned to eat fish for dinner. It might just go back in the freezer for consumption tomorrow. What to do?

Esposita will be home soon and we will discuss. We need someone coming in off the bench for dinner. I really don’t want another pizza, so it might mean a quick trip to the market.

What do you like as a benchwarmer coming in at the last minute? Must be easy, tasty, and healthy for me. Candidates include a quiche, hamburgers, nachos, and an old non-Paleo standard, grilled cheese (gourmet style). Tonight still to be determined. Check out my Twitter later to see who came in off the bench – @TheFoodJefe

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March Madness – Day 1

20 Mar

Okay, I’m watching the end of the game pitting James Madison and LIU-Brooklyn. James Madison is closing out the Blackirds and will move on into the regular tourney. Yes, I know that last night were other “First Four” games, and I’m a day behind. However, I just thought of this…

March Madness is one of my most favorite sporting events and period of time. I love hoops and The Big Dance provides great play, loads, of drama, and tons of fun.

And food.

So for the remainder of the Madness, I will add some ideas on how to add some food to the feast. Watch for it when games are on (Thursday-Sunday).

Tonight, I wimped out. Esposita is gone on business and I just didn’t feel like cooking. But that can happen on Madness nights. I went old school. I took a higher quality frozen pizza from Trader Joe’s. Lots of meat -pepperoni, sausage, and of course cheesy. I’m adding the rest of my Irish Death left over from Dia de San Patricio. Easy peezy…

Next game is LaSalle and Boise State. Let the madness begin.

Eat well,


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Luck of the Irish Death

17 Mar

My special drink for the festive Dia de San Patricio…an Irish Death milkshake. Here we go…

1 cup Irish Death beer (my absolute favorite)

1 1/2 cup gourmet chocolate ice cream. My preference is a local rock star brand called Whidbey Ice Cream (from Whidbey Island where I grew up)

Blend starting with low and them move to high (per Jeff Mauro of Food Network). Do not liquefy – needs to be thick

Grade dark chocolate with 85% cocoa

Drink slowly. This is really hard to do. It’s cold, rich, and delicious!

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Heating Up Your Steak

16 Mar

Want to add a little “heat” to your regular, ordinary, mundane salt and pepper only steak?

Of course you do!

I had a sirloin steak being thawed for dinner tonight. Instead of doing the plain old, boring salt and pepper, Esposita and I spiced things up tonight (which is always fun to do anyway, right?)

Here’s what you do. Create a little mix that includes…

– 1 tsp red chili pepper
– 1 tsp garlic powder
– 1/4 tsp ground cumin
– salt (eyeball it)
– a dash of cayenne pepper

Mix it together well. Pull your steaks out and brush them liberally with olive oil on both sides. Then rub in the mix really well. Make sure you use the entire mix and work it in with the olive oil.

Now, you should have been pre-heating your oven to broil at 350 degrees. Once it’s ready, move the steaks onto a broiling pan and put it at the very top rung – about 4 inches from the top.

Broil for 5 minutes. Then flip those puppies over and broil for another 6 minutes. When you pull them out, the joint will be smoking coming out of the oven so make sure your fan is working overtime (you may have to open a few windows like we did). Let the steaks rest for 5 minutes covered.

The steaks were cooked to a beautiful medium-rare and boy could you taste the heat from the cayenne and red chili peppers! We added some sweet potato fries that Esposita always knocks out of the park, and a nice slaw that really went well with the steak.

Next time, I think I’m going to cook those bad boys the same way BUT. Slice them up and make a rocking black and blue steak. I think the blue cheese will marry nicely with the “hot” steak!

P.S. Don’t worry – the steak is not too hot. It has a perfect heat to it that wont burn your mouth and gives it a nice pop. Stay true to the measurements to ensure that.

Eat well,


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Lenten Lunch…

15 Mar

To my Catholic brother and sisters during Lent…

I often find rousting up lunch during Lent to be a challenge, as I tend to have a lot of meat hanging around the refrigerator and freezer. I found myself running fast today and searching for some lunchtime nutrition that keep me meat free today. Like a Chopped episode on Food Network, I opened the pantry and refrigerator and her’s what I did:

  • A wheat tortilla left over from tacos the other say
  • Slapped on some Wasabi mayo to moisten up the tortilla
  • One can of Tuna in water
  • Garlic Aoli Mustard – plenty
  • Salt
  • Rainbow Peppercorns
  • Smoked Paprika – plenty

I added the tuna mix to the tortilla, wrapped a couple times, and started chomping. It was really good, especially for a very fast, somewhat limited menu for lunch. A good option for Fridays for the next couple of weeks…

Eat well,


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Eggplant Lasagna

13 Mar

Eggplant Lasagna tonight Paleo-style. That means NO noodles! Here we go…

In a large lasagna pan, pour in some canned spaghetti sauce (GOOD sauce, no cheapie stuff). After all, it’s Tuesday night…who has time to make sauce?!

On top of the sauce, layer some sliced eggplant.

Next, add a shredded cheese mixture…I favor Parmesan, Italian mix, eggs, green onions, cottage cheese, garlic, and…

Next, grass fed beef and pasture pork.

Then add some more sliced eggplant.

Finally, you add some more spaghetti sauce.

Pop it in the oven for 40 minutes at 375 degrees. Once it’s done, let it rest for 10 minutes.

Delicious. And the good news is you avoid the carbs from the noodles.

P.S. add some more Parmesan on the top and a nice red wine on the side for your drinking pleasure!

Easy peezy…

Eat well,


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