A New York Kind of Night…

9 Mar
Jefe and Esposita

Jefe and Esposita

Okay…I heard that yesterday was the International Day of Women. This is celebrated all over the world, except it seems in the United States. Late last night I saw that much of my family in Colombia were wishing a happy day to all the ladies. I had to send my regards on a belated time frame this morning. Better late then never, right?

So I was thinking, I need to show some International Day of Women love to Esposita. With my mother coming back home tomorrow, tonight is the last night we have for an at home date. I was at Central Market this morning and saw some beautiful New York cut steaks on sale. I’m grabbing two of those, adding some sweet potato fries and a veggie, and we are off for a fabulously delicious night. Now all I have to find is a really good recipe to cook my steak. I prefer to pan sear them, so it will be off to The Food Network web site to do some research. Check in later for the results. If you have any recipes for New York steak, feel free to share!

Eat well,


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