March Madness – Day 1

20 Mar

Okay, I’m watching the end of the game pitting James Madison and LIU-Brooklyn. James Madison is closing out the Blackirds and will move on into the regular tourney. Yes, I know that last night were other “First Four” games, and I’m a day behind. However, I just thought of this…

March Madness is one of my most favorite sporting events and period of time. I love hoops and The Big Dance provides great play, loads, of drama, and tons of fun.

And food.

So for the remainder of the Madness, I will add some ideas on how to add some food to the feast. Watch for it when games are on (Thursday-Sunday).

Tonight, I wimped out. Esposita is gone on business and I just didn’t feel like cooking. But that can happen on Madness nights. I went old school. I took a higher quality frozen pizza from Trader Joe’s. Lots of meat -pepperoni, sausage, and of course cheesy. I’m adding the rest of my Irish Death left over from Dia de San Patricio. Easy peezy…

Next game is LaSalle and Boise State. Let the madness begin.

Eat well,


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