Madness #2 – The Benchwarmers

21 Mar

Watching the Jack Rabbits from South Dakota State beating Michigan early in what is basically a home game for the Wolverines at the Palace in Auburn Hills. I love the Jack Rabbits. I took Michigan begrudgingly in my bracket, but the Jack Rabbits is easily one of the best mascot names ever (I also love the Akron Zips and Western Kentucky Hilltoppers).

The local boys from Spokane, the Gonzaga Bulldogs almost ending up eating a crow dinner with a side of “Southern” fried chicken after nearly laying an egg against Southern University.

Thursday games leave little to tailgate to as its actually a work day and I’m lucky I remembered to take something out if the freezer. I chose a swordfish that can be grilled on the old George Foreman. However, as I think about this, tomorrow is Friday and we will ned to eat fish for dinner. It might just go back in the freezer for consumption tomorrow. What to do?

Esposita will be home soon and we will discuss. We need someone coming in off the bench for dinner. I really don’t want another pizza, so it might mean a quick trip to the market.

What do you like as a benchwarmer coming in at the last minute? Must be easy, tasty, and healthy for me. Candidates include a quiche, hamburgers, nachos, and an old non-Paleo standard, grilled cheese (gourmet style). Tonight still to be determined. Check out my Twitter later to see who came in off the bench – @TheFoodJefe

Eat well,


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