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Avocado Amazing!!

29 Apr

Un-freaking unbelievable!

We needed to do a quick turnaround for dinner tonight and Esposita rose to the challenge.

We had some tasty swordfish we purchased at Trader Joe’s. Esposita decided to make a nice avocado topping for the fish. Here is what she did…

1. Avocado (duh)
2. Fresh squeezed Lime juice
3. Fresh cilantro
4. Salsa (no tomatoes in the fridge)

A perfect topping on a delicious white fish. In addition, she peeled a zucchini and made noodles by using a fancy-schmansy peeler-grader tool. She then threw Parmesan on top. Add a few peas for character and VIOLA…a perfect Monday night dinner!

For my Twitter followers, we ran out if time for Patacones. The plantains are still in waiting…

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Colombian Comfort

22 Apr

This recipe is courtesy of Erica Dinho @colombianrecipe. I encourage you to follow her on Twitter and on her blog

Estofado de Cerdo (see the recipe by Erica here) is basically a pork stew, but oh boy, does it pack a punch.

I won’t re-print Erica’s recipe…I encourage you to click on the link yourself to see it. What I will do is tell you the minor changes Esposita and I made to it and what we thought.

  1. We don’t have any place that sells Yuca here in Poulsbo. We had to call a audible and used sweet potatoes in its place.
  2. Esposita is pushing Paleo, so white rice is out. Granted, rice is a Colombian staple, we made another audible and called in cauliflower in its place.
  3. We didn’t have all the ingredients on Sunday morning, so we started the pork loin roast in the slow cooker with the beer, cumin, salt, pepper, and onion. Erica didn’t mention what kind of beer, so I went with what I had and that is a good old Guinness!
  4. We picked up everything else after Mass and threw it in when we returned. We let it slow cook on high temperature the rest of the afternoon. Since we were having guests and needed a bit more room, we moved it into the oven for the last hour for room and time.

P.S. You can find achiote powder at  your local Hispanic/Latino grocery store. AND, a little goes a long way!

Bottom line, this Estofado was unbelievably good. The flavors were rich and it really was filling. Comfort food Colombian style! The only bad news is that I forgot to snap a phot of it to add to the blog. This will become a regular in our house so stay tuned for a photo later.

Many thanks to Erica for this wonderful recipe. I had gone to her site looking for a salsa for the chicken on Saturday and ran across this. I promise I am a regular on her blog and Twitter now.

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Out of Bounds Alert! Jefe en Fuego

6 Apr

Look out! Jefe is en Fuego!!!

I found a recipe for pork chops cooked on the stovetop with gravy, and I tried it out. Added a little twist and VIOLA…we have a winner! Esposita says she just might have a new all-time favorite! Here it is…

– 2 tablespoons butter in the skillet on medium heat
– Season 4 pork chops with garlic powder and pepper (be generous)
– cook chops on skillet for 20 minutes and flip every 5 minutes or so to brown evenly.
– When done, remove chops to rest.
– Add 1 cup whipping cream and lots of blue cheese to skillet and then scrape into small mixing pan on low heat. Mix into thick gravy.
– Serve with warm gravy on top of perfectly cooked chops.

We added asparagus topped with Parmesan cheese and added avocado slices on the side.

The blue cheese in the gravy just rocked. Don’t skimp. We ended up using the entire small container. It was with it.

P.S. I like a nice, robust red wine with it. But that’s just me…

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6 Apr

This past week, I was in the Newark, NJ area for business. During one of my speaking presentations, I was greeted with a great surprise. One of the audience members, Jennifer Nevins, gave me a special gift. She just finished writing a wonderful cook book based on her Italian heritage and family recipes. She had brought cook books with her to give to her friends, and she included me with a signed copy. As a foodie, I was thrilled!

Abbondanza means “abundance.” There is definitely an abundance of great recipes in this book. I’ve perused many and plan on using at least one this weekend. I will keep you apprised.

To learn more about Jennifer Nevins, her recipes, her new cook book, and everything else she does with food, click on her blog and follow it. Click here

Many thanks to Jennifer for her kindness. I am happy to spread the word about her and her cook book as I start working my way through it.

Bon appetit!

Eat well,


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Chicago Carding

3 Apr

I’m on my way home from a business trip to New Jersey and stopped in Chicago for a 2 and a half hour layover. My favorite dining spot is Harry Caray’s 7th Inning Stretch at Midway airport.

I found a stool at the bar and ordered a Holy Cow burger and chips which commemorates the legendary baseball announcer’s honored call. I also ordered a Merlot. At that point, imagine my surprise when the bartender carded me! I was pretty pleased with myself until I noticed that he was carding everyone. This included a dude at least 10 years olde than me thy almost fell off his stool with an enthusiastic fist pump.

My business trip was about risk management. I guess carding everyone who orders an alcoholic beverage regardless if age is risk management at its finest. Yet, none if us are flying the plane home… We already have a designated driver!

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Mojito Madness

1 Apr

Okay, so my March Madness posting has been sporadic at best. The basketball has been spectacular as normal, as is the fun in watching it.

Yesterday was a beautiful Easter Sunday and we watched no hoops. Instead, we gathered on the porch on a 70 degree day with our neighbors and drank mojitos.

These mojitos were special. Instead of using rum, we used the nectar of my Colombian roots – aguardiente!

Here’s what you use:

Aguardiente (available in Poulsbo at the High Spirits liquor store thanks to Peter Crabtree), freshly squeezed lime, lime flavored seltzer water, sugar, and frozen mango chunks. Oh, and if course fresh mint with a sprig sticking out of your glass. A perfect drink on a perfect day.

Esposita made a large punch bowl full, so I have no measurements. Those will follow in another post!

Photos of my hija Mindy and me; me chillin’ on the porch with my mojito!
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