Mojito Madness

1 Apr

Okay, so my March Madness posting has been sporadic at best. The basketball has been spectacular as normal, as is the fun in watching it.

Yesterday was a beautiful Easter Sunday and we watched no hoops. Instead, we gathered on the porch on a 70 degree day with our neighbors and drank mojitos.

These mojitos were special. Instead of using rum, we used the nectar of my Colombian roots – aguardiente!

Here’s what you use:

Aguardiente (available in Poulsbo at the High Spirits liquor store thanks to Peter Crabtree), freshly squeezed lime, lime flavored seltzer water, sugar, and frozen mango chunks. Oh, and if course fresh mint with a sprig sticking out of your glass. A perfect drink on a perfect day.

Esposita made a large punch bowl full, so I have no measurements. Those will follow in another post!

Photos of my hija Mindy and me; me chillin’ on the porch with my mojito!
Eat well,


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