Out of Bounds Alert! Jefe en Fuego

6 Apr

Look out! Jefe is en Fuego!!!

I found a recipe for pork chops cooked on the stovetop with gravy, and I tried it out. Added a little twist and VIOLA…we have a winner! Esposita says she just might have a new all-time favorite! Here it is…

– 2 tablespoons butter in the skillet on medium heat
– Season 4 pork chops with garlic powder and pepper (be generous)
– cook chops on skillet for 20 minutes and flip every 5 minutes or so to brown evenly.
– When done, remove chops to rest.
– Add 1 cup whipping cream and lots of blue cheese to skillet and then scrape into small mixing pan on low heat. Mix into thick gravy.
– Serve with warm gravy on top of perfectly cooked chops.

We added asparagus topped with Parmesan cheese and added avocado slices on the side.

The blue cheese in the gravy just rocked. Don’t skimp. We ended up using the entire small container. It was with it.

P.S. I like a nice, robust red wine with it. But that’s just me…

Eat well,


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