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The Cocky Carrot

19 May

Found this cool cocktail on line. It’s called the Cocky Carrot…

1 1/2 oz vodka
1 1/2 oz orange Cointreau
2 oz carrot juice

Pour over ice into glass

Top off with a little sparkling water.

Very nice. Bugs Bunny gives two thumbs up!

Drink well,


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Donde Canta la Rana is Now Open…

10 May

My father only lived in Bogota, Colombia for 4 years, where he met and married my mother. But Dad had fond memories of the city and country. One of the stories he told was of a favorite watering hole called “Donde Canta la Rana.” This translates into “Where to Frog Sings.” Not only a unique name, but a great personal story.

Esposita and I decided to take the room next to the dining room that simply as not being utilized well, and turn it into a makeshift bar/sitting room. This would open up the dining room and make a nice place for us to relax and host guests. She was kind enough to allow me to turn it into a Colombian room and name it “Donde Canta la Rana” in memory of Dad’s favorite bar.

Here are the photos…







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