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Steak and Sizzle

29 Jul

This is my weekly Monday morning memo for my day job. I thought my foodies would like to read it…Food Jefe

Steak and Sizzle     

My wife Barb and I both love to cook. That’s why we get hooked on all the food shows, especially the reality/competition versions, One of our favorites is The Next Food Network Star on The Food Network. It reveals both of what we like – cooking chops and charisma. As the competition winds down to the end, a couple important points are continually highlighted by the mentors. They call them competence and charisma on camera. I call them steak and sizzle.

In order to be a food star on television, your food needs to taste good. You have to be good at your craft, you’ve got to have “chops,” or else you’ve got a fork stuck in you. You’re done. You’ve also got to connect on camera. If you’re dull and uninspiring, the remote will click you off in 5 seconds. No one will get to know how good your food is because you bored them.

I don’t care what your business is, you are in the same boat. You’d better be competent at what you do, or you’re dish will be dumped in the trash. In fact, you’d probably be better than just good. you’d better be superior. That’s the steak part. For many business owners and entrepreneurs, they’ve got the steak down. What they lack is sizzle. Sizzle is the ability to be an object of interest; to evoke curiosity; and to be inspirational. You don’t have to be an entertainer, in fact you shouldn’t be. But you’d better be engaging and force people to take notice, or they will never have the chance to eat your steak.

The best of the best in their industry have both steak and sizzle. What about you?

Bon appetite!

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This week’s quote –
“I want my food dead. Not sick. Not dying. Dead.”
– Oscar Wilde (my absolute favorite person to quote – edging out Mark Twain)


National Tequila Day

24 Jul

National Tequila Day (so I hear and that’s all I need)…

A little concoction to celebrate:

  • Jose Cuervo Black Tequila (about a shot and a half)
  • Half and half to fill the tumbler
  • Sprinkle ground Cinnamon and stir


Eat well,


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New Featured Recipes Page

6 Jul

I have a new page on this blog featuring my favorite recipes. I’m starting with a new one I made last night – Taco de Patos (Dick Tacos) with slaw and avocado. It climbed right to the top of the charts for Esposita and Kelli loved it, too.

Here is the link to see my Featured Recipes page (or just go to the navigation bar – you’re tech savvy, right)….GO NOW

Eat well,


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Taco de Pato con slaw y Avocado

Taco de Pato con slaw y Avocado

Happy 4th of July!

4 Jul

This is a “must-see” video on this day. Let’s never forget the sacrifices, honor, and courage of the men that crafted and signed the Declaration of Independence.