Football Returns – And so do the parties

17 Aug

Tailgating can be done from the comfort of your own living room with friends, and that is what Esposita and I are hosting tonight. The Seahawks are on the tube for their second pre-season game, we’ve got our Hawks gear on and waiting for our friends to join us.

A never fail option for football is quesadillas. It’s a perfect party food and you can really do the tailgate with beer, wine, or other beverages. I have a new bottle of Bakon Vodka and I’ve been perusing a few recipes. I don’t care for it solo, but I do when mixed. If you like bacon and you like vodka, check it out. Their web site is here.

Tonight you can follow my game analysis on my Twitter – @TheFoodJefe. Honestly, as big a football nut as I am, it’s still early in pre-season. Easier to relax and enjoy the food!

Eat well,


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