Chops con Queso Azul

19 Aug

Okay…here is how you throw a special”She said yes” engagement anniversary dinner…

My chops con queso azul:

4 one inch succulent chops

Season with salt, pepper, and Mojito Lime seasoning from Trader Joes

Oil the pan and heat on medium. Add chops and a nice amount of a good table red wine

Cover and heat for 6 minutes each side in medium heat. Don’t over cook.

Take chops out and allow to rest for 5 minutes

Add wine and garlic back into pan for 3 minutes and reduce

Plate chop and cover with reduction sauce and a healthy amount if blue cheese

Esposita made the sautéed kale and leeks seasoned with South African Smoke. She also made a crisp cucumber salad.

Perfect meal to celebrate any event! And it’s easy peezy.

Eat well,


Copyright 2013 The Food Jefe. All rights reserved



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