Taking a Bite of the Big Apple Jefe Style #1

7 Oct

I know I haven’t been actually blogging a lot. Sorry. I have found that I really like Twitter. The brevity and simplicity of tweeting makes it easier for me to post. I encourage you to follow me on Twitter @TheFoodJefe. You can look off to your right and see my current tweets.

Back to business. I’m in the great food city, New York, NY. I know there may be some that doubt the validity of my statement, but so be it. For me right now, it’s the king.

Just came back from a really nice lunch with a friend near Times Square. She recommended a cool place called The Long Room.

The name fits the joint. You walk in and it literally goes straight back! Nice lunch menu. I opted to keep it light as I expect to eat big tonight. I had a Tuna Yellowfin salad. The tuna was cooked to medium (aka perfect). The salad was very flavorful and left me content, yet not stuffed. It’s definitely one to keep on my list for the next time.

I am sad that I don’t think I will be able to make it to Brooklyn this trip to visit my 2 Colombian restaurants. Not enough time on this one…I will have to take a rain check. El proximo tiempo!

I have BIG APPLE plans the rest of the week. Stay tuned to hear more about the Jefe taking a big bite of the Apple. Check me out on Twitter, too. Your taste buds will be glad you did!

Eat well,


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