Domingo por la Mañana with The Food Jefe

27 Oct

My new Sunday feature starts today! For my English only speaking pals it says Sunday morning with The Food Jefe. Let’s go!

My perfect Sunday mornings are in full tilt. Today is an example. I’m eating my favorite desayuno ever…Esposita made me Paleo chocolate pancakes with blueberries. Had my Colombian coffee with a little hazelnut creamer and 2 alligators of chocolate syrup (see a trend?).

The ambience is hanging with Esposita and the dogs watching ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown. Raining and gray outside and Captain Jack trying to steal my pancakes. Heading to Mass soon and then on to more football. Sometimes we flip to Mass first and then desayuno but we were eating tapas into the evening last night and slept in.

What’s your perfect Sunday morning? Share it here on my blog or on my Twitter @TheFoodJefe. If you’re on Twitter and like my writing on food and other fun stuff, follow me!

That’s it for this Domingo. I’m fueled with pancakes and coffee and ready for a great day. Buenos Dias a todos!



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