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The Night Before Thanksgiving…

27 Nov

The Jefe Stir Fry Color Montage…

Add a nice red wine and a precocious, food stealing Jack Russell and we have the Night Before Thanksgiving at Casa del Jefe. Jack has already made me post before I wanted to…dog!

Eat well,


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Domingo Por La Mañana with The Food Jefe

17 Nov

Home Alone 3….see my Tweets on Twitter.

Random thoughts on this Domingo with Esposita on a girls weekend with her sisters…

1. Made Bourbon Blue Cheese burgers last night and watched college football. Sorry to see USC win, but it was a fun game to watch.

2. I enjoyed a Baileys with coffee while watching The Hunger Games. I thought Jennifer Lawrence was brilliant in her role. I wasn’t sure what to expect and actually loved the movie. Lawrence is going to be a superstar (and probably already is). I’m pumped to watch the sequel.

3. Went to Mass this morning and then went to cemetery and visited Dad. Cold, windy November morning.

4. Esposita is the best. She made enough pancakes before she left to cover me for the weekend. Watching some NFL while munching on pancakes and quiche, and a nice, hot coffee. Dogs are resting after a busy morning of eating breakfast and going potty. They know today is Domingo!

5. Seahawks on later today. Already wearing my 12 jersey to cheer hard from home. Excited for the Hawks debut of Percy Harvin.

6. I’ve got all the fixin’s ready to make Esposita Tacos de Pato (Duck Tacos). I will get all the slaw and stuff early so it’s ready to go post Seahawks win.

Wow. That’s a lot. I love Domingos in November. What are you doing and eating today?

Eat well,


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Domingo por la noche con Jefe

10 Nov

I missed the morning. Here is what I did for Sunday dinner after a Seahawks victory…

Apple Sausage Delight

6 apple Gouda sausages
Shredded cabbage
One yellow bell pepper sliced
Heat skillet with coconut oil
Add everything together after skillet is warm
While cooking add salt, garlic powder, and a touch of red table wine
Heat until hot and serve in bowl

After my first taste if it, I added crumbled blue cheese. It was the right move. Easy, healthy, and delicioso!

P.S. Pour yourself a glass if that table red!

Eat well,


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A Darn Good Breakfast…

9 Nov

I like eggs for breakfast. However, eggs can get boring if they are constantly the same. Here is a quick recipe to add some spunk to your eggs for breakfast…

– 6 eggs (feeds 2 people as long as you keep the dogs at bay). Mix in a bowl and add garlic powder, salt, lemon pepper, and mojito lime seasoning that you can find at your local Costco.

– Take about a half cup of cottage cheese and add some chopped onion

– Start heating your skillet at medium heat with coconut oil (all other stuff is bad, bad, bad).

– When hot, add egg mixture, cottage cheese with chopped onions, and a healthy dose of butter. Note that we only use Kerrigold butter that comes from grass fed cows. The other butter is not healthy. This is. I guess you can say we are butter snobs.

– Cook on medium making sure that it doesn’t burn. Don’t overlook the eggs! When just right, stop cooking and start eating!

The cottage cheese provides a terrific and rich texture to your eggs. Ample seasoning tales them from dull to tasty. All of this on a Saturday morning makes a darn good breakfast.

Eat well,


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Domingo por la Mañana with The Food Jefe

3 Nov

Sunday morning getting ready for another day of the National Football League. The Seahawks play at 1 pm and we are heading to friends house to watch the game. Pizza is what on tap.

Last night, I tried something new with the burgers in Esposita’s absence. I threw in my regular bourbon and blue cheese, but substituted honey for the bacon. I thought the honey would add a little sweet to the savory that included garlic powder and olive oil. The burgers turned out nicely but I didn’t get as much if the honey taste as I would have liked to. Esposita didn’t taste it either. The next go around I will back off a little of the bourbon and increase the honey to get that taste in there. I like the idea of the honey and just need get it more flavorful.

This is a perfect Fall day with the leaves on a dewy ground and a chill in the air. Football weather, right?

That’s it for this Domingo. Enjoy your favorite way of celebrating a Sunday with family, friends, football, and plenty of food!

Eat well.


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Jefe Solo (con perritos)

2 Nov

Okay my English speaking only pals this means I’m hanging with the dogs tonight. Esposita is off to a charity event with her parents and sisters. I’m cool chilling at home.

This means I can watch what she has no interest in (likely to be 42) and eat what she can’t eat. That’s what I’m ruminating on. I’m thinking burger with bourbon in it or maybe some angry chops. Suggestions? I will reveal all later tonight!

Eat well,


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