Domingo por la Mañana with The Food Jefe

3 Nov

Sunday morning getting ready for another day of the National Football League. The Seahawks play at 1 pm and we are heading to friends house to watch the game. Pizza is what on tap.

Last night, I tried something new with the burgers in Esposita’s absence. I threw in my regular bourbon and blue cheese, but substituted honey for the bacon. I thought the honey would add a little sweet to the savory that included garlic powder and olive oil. The burgers turned out nicely but I didn’t get as much if the honey taste as I would have liked to. Esposita didn’t taste it either. The next go around I will back off a little of the bourbon and increase the honey to get that taste in there. I like the idea of the honey and just need get it more flavorful.

This is a perfect Fall day with the leaves on a dewy ground and a chill in the air. Football weather, right?

That’s it for this Domingo. Enjoy your favorite way of celebrating a Sunday with family, friends, football, and plenty of food!

Eat well.


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