A Darn Good Breakfast…

9 Nov

I like eggs for breakfast. However, eggs can get boring if they are constantly the same. Here is a quick recipe to add some spunk to your eggs for breakfast…

– 6 eggs (feeds 2 people as long as you keep the dogs at bay). Mix in a bowl and add garlic powder, salt, lemon pepper, and mojito lime seasoning that you can find at your local Costco.

– Take about a half cup of cottage cheese and add some chopped onion

– Start heating your skillet at medium heat with coconut oil (all other stuff is bad, bad, bad).

– When hot, add egg mixture, cottage cheese with chopped onions, and a healthy dose of butter. Note that we only use Kerrigold butter that comes from grass fed cows. The other butter is not healthy. This is. I guess you can say we are butter snobs.

– Cook on medium making sure that it doesn’t burn. Don’t overlook the eggs! When just right, stop cooking and start eating!

The cottage cheese provides a terrific and rich texture to your eggs. Ample seasoning tales them from dull to tasty. All of this on a Saturday morning makes a darn good breakfast.

Eat well,


Copyright 2013 The Food Jefe. All rights reserved


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