Back in Black…or at Least Blogging

6 Sep

Food JefeI’ve been deficient in my blogging. I’ve found Twitter to be an easier way to quickly post things. I’m now back and committed to posting a blog here at least once a week. Here I go….

September is here, but it’s going to be 81 degrees here. I love it, but it makes us still want to eat light. We decided to celebrate a weekend together (girls are both now home) by having Pato de Taco (Duck Tacos). The recipe is featured on this blog. I think I call it Pato de Dan or Pato de Jefe. I will have to work out something.

Bottom line ~ I’m back to blogging some of the cool things we are eating. As we move into Fall and Winter, there are plenty of opportunities to talk about food. In fact, I may expand my posts to include fine spirits, wine, beer, and cigars. I welcome your comments and also invite you to follow me on Twitter. You can see my tweets on this blog – @TheFoodJefe.

Eat well and prosper…


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