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Taking a Bite Out of The Big Apple Jefe Style #2

7 Oct

Night Update: Had a tailgating start with my pals at the Campbell Terrace outside (but covered by roof) of Grand Central Station. It was raining hard by the time I got there. Glad I packed the umbrella this time!

Tried a watermelon mojito as I am an aficionado. It was very good. Dinner that night was inside the train station in the mezzanine at a restaurant called Cipriani. The appetizer was a scrumptious Tuna Scottato that had tuna cut in medallions with fennel (one of my favorites) and balsamic vinaigrette. Dinner got even better with one of the special of the night, a pumpkin ravioli. Dessert need the feast with (what else for me) tiramisu. My friend Noah and I decided on a nightcap back at Campbell Terrace and I sipped on a Polo Match – Kentucky Ginger Bourbon, muddled cucumber, vanilla syrup, and fresh lime juice.

New York is really a happening place even on a Monday night. I’m back at the hotel watching the end of Monday Night Football and digesting to get prepped for another day in The City tomorrow.


Eat well,


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Taking a Bite of the Big Apple Jefe Style #1

7 Oct

I know I haven’t been actually blogging a lot. Sorry. I have found that I really like Twitter. The brevity and simplicity of tweeting makes it easier for me to post. I encourage you to follow me on Twitter @TheFoodJefe. You can look off to your right and see my current tweets.

Back to business. I’m in the great food city, New York, NY. I know there may be some that doubt the validity of my statement, but so be it. For me right now, it’s the king.

Just came back from a really nice lunch with a friend near Times Square. She recommended a cool place called The Long Room.

The name fits the joint. You walk in and it literally goes straight back! Nice lunch menu. I opted to keep it light as I expect to eat big tonight. I had a Tuna Yellowfin salad. The tuna was cooked to medium (aka perfect). The salad was very flavorful and left me content, yet not stuffed. It’s definitely one to keep on my list for the next time.

I am sad that I don’t think I will be able to make it to Brooklyn this trip to visit my 2 Colombian restaurants. Not enough time on this one…I will have to take a rain check. El proximo tiempo!

I have BIG APPLE plans the rest of the week. Stay tuned to hear more about the Jefe taking a big bite of the Apple. Check me out on Twitter, too. Your taste buds will be glad you did!

Eat well,


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Eating Victoria

22 May

If you’re not familiar with the beautiful city of Victoria, British Columbia, then you’re missing out big. It’s a throwback to Victorian times. The capital of British Columbia boasts incredible water views, the Royal British Columbia Museum, shopping, diversity, a fabulous rose garden, and…..FOOD! And I mean really mouth watering, lip-smacking, can’t get enough of, food.

Esposita and I went with some friends to Victoria this past weekend. I tweeted a few posts while I was there. Consider this your culinary recap of food well eaten!

Il Tirrazzo is located down an alley off Johnson Street downtown. It’s my favorite place to eat in the city. This was the third time I have visited, and this might have been the very best dinner I’ve had there. We sat in a marvelous terrace and enjoyed a transportation fro old Victorian charm to Italian restaurant. The ambiance is spot on. So was the meal I ordered. I had braised buffalo short ribs on top of risotto with asparagus. The meal was outstanding. I might have licked the bowl if that was acceptable! The service was top-notch, the wine was excellent, and I even topped it off with a Blood Orange sorbet. Magnificent!

The next night, we stumbled upon a Scottish Pub in the hear of the city on Government Street called Bard & Banker. This place has a special story! When we walked in, I saw this large portrait/poster of Robert Service. Robert Service was my father’s favorite poet, and mine too. He penned the classic tales of “The Shooting of Dangerous Dan McGrew” and the legendary “Cremation of Sam McGee.” He was known as The Bard of the Yukon. When I saw that they had afforded him his own special section in the pub, I asked the waitress what the deal was. Turns out, Mr. Service worked in that building when it was a bank, prior to his trek to Alaska. What a treat that was for me! I loved the work of Mr. Service and to be in a place he was and eat his native Scottish food….wow…I was in heaven.

And, the food was heavenly. I feasted on a large plate of Lamb Bangers & Mash. This is lamb sausages on a bed of mashed potatoes. The second night in a row that I was tempted to lick the plate. I washed it all down with a wonderful special brew that honored Mr. Service’s name. A great ale with a hint of sweetness. Tremendous!

On Sunday, prior to coming home, Esposita and I walked around the waterfront waiting for the ferry. I found this cool food truck that served yam fries. We ordered one to split and it was a terrific sendoff for the weekend.

Note: If you want to eat out for breakfast, don’t plan on getting up early. None of the restaurants seem to open before 9:00 am. We stayed true to our Seattle roots and “dined” at Starbucks!

Enjoy the photos…

Braised Buffalo Short Ribs at Il Terrazzo












Bard & Banker menu












Victorian whale












Jefe and Esposita












Eat Well,


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La Manzana Grande Journal # 1

29 Apr

Esposita and I arrived in The Big Apple late afternoon. After dropping off our luggage, we were ready to see the sights and eat! Speaking for me, I was hungry.

After walking around Rockefeller Center, we landed in a terrific New York restaurant called Bill’s Burger & Brew.

We had a friendly and well-informed waiter named Jimmy. Jimmy was from Philly and really knows his stuff.  Since I’m at a burger joint, I need to have a burger (Paleo takes a backseat). I ordered a bacon and cheddar burger, topped with carmelized onions and mushrooms. Jimmy suggested a chop chop salad instead of fries, and I was off to the races. I had a terrific Argentinan malbec that was very smooth. After slowly and deliberately inhaling dinner (I actually did take my time and savor it), I caved and had a New York Cheesecake (hey I’m in New York) with a nice, freshly brewed decaf with cream.


First night in the city was a successful culinary experience. We are already getting plans for the rest of the week. I’m excited to share my New York foodie experience with you. Stay tuned!

Eat well,

Food Jefe

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The Great Garlic Caper Burger

21 Apr


It’s been too long since I posted. Busy week, but I’m back working it out on the weekend. Last night, Esposita and I went out on the town and watched an Eagles tribute band called Hotel California at the Admiral Theatre in Bremerton, WA. They were awesome. So was the pre-func dinner we had at Anthony’s in Bremerton. I had a plank grilled halibut and garlic mashed potatoes, with asparagus to die for. Nice red wine that happens to share the name of my dog (Jack) and a nice Espresso martini with Kahlua and vanilla, and we have a nice start to the evening. Hotel California took it from there.

So today, as you can imagine, I was a little tired. BUT, not too tired to fire up the George Foreman grill. Esposita brought her “A-game” and made her out-of-bounds sweet potato fries and some rockin’ slaw. I made a new creation I call – the Great Garlic Caper burger.

No measurements.

  • A little over 2 lbs. of grass-fed beef
  • Sea Salt (learned from Graham Kerr that not all salt is equal…more later)
  • Organic Dijon mustard from Trader Joe’s
  • Garlic powder
  • 2 cage-free eggs
  • Capers, capers, capers. I just poured them on…

Mixed together with lots of gusto and slammed on the indoor grill for 10 minutes. Came out with a great char and slopped on top of Esposita’s slaw. Threw the fires down net to them and then “smothered” with some delicious Crimson Cove alder-smoked blue cheese from the Poulsbo Farmers Market.

Okay…I gotta tell you. I had a some prime aguardiente while cooking it, which adds a little Colombian flare. Just saying…

Eat well,

Food Jefe

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ChocMo is More Than Just Chocolate

7 Apr

One of my absolute favorite places to eat is an eclectic, trendy place in Poulsbo called ChocMo. The joint is owned by a cool young guy named Peter Crabtree. Peter got his start at 15 years old making chocolate truffles. His restaurant now not only features chocolates made with beer, wine, and spirits, but out-of-bounds food. I eat there for lunch as often as possible and on Thursday went there for dinner with Esposita and a guest of ours. We were NOT disappointed!

Because we are still trying to be as Paleo as possible, we worked hard to avoid hard carbs like bread. Esposita came up with a terrific idea, as she often does. After an appetizer of meats and cheeses (yum by the way), we split two orders of his famous Crabtree sliders sans bread, and ordered a terrific green salad with feta and nuts. The burgers came from their own cows and were outstanding. Peter brought us a mustard that was shipped in from France. Magnificent. I was ready to hop a plane to Paris and pick some up for the house!

Bottom line – ChocMo rocks. For those of you in Kitsap County, they are in Poulsbo next door to the liquor store. Open at 10 AM and have awesome mochas to start your day, and crazy good food for lunch and dinner. I will try to get a video interview with Peter for this blog soon!

Eat well,


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No Fooling – Pato De Dan Quacks Loudly

2 Apr

Birthdays are always THE right time to eat and eat well…

April 1st was Esposita’s birthday and we started out with an awesome brunch at our favorite breakfast spot, The Oak Table in Kingston. Speaking for me, I brunched on yummy (yes, yummy) Eggs Benedict with a savory hollandaise sauce (very non-Paleo). I did order the fruit instead of the potato pancakes, though!

For dinner, Esposita wanted my Pato de Dan…my very special duck breast. I’ve made it several times successfully and was a little nervous because I wanted to impress for her birthday. Esposita said it was a home run. I made a few additions to my wine reduction sauce, which added a nice saltiness to the whole duck. It was served on top of mashed cauliflower, alongside a nice green salad and my Wayne Gretzky Cabernet Sauvignon. It was a home run (her words) and very easy. Here’s the recipe…

  • Boneless Duck Breasts (4) from Central Market
  • Sea Salt
  • Pepper
  • Sage
  • Red Table wine
  • Creamy Garlic (or Garlic Powder used yesterday)


Duck: Preheat oven to 450 degrees Cut tracks (sc0re) on fatty side of duck. Season fatty side with salt, pepper, and sage On skillet (nothing on it) cook fatty side down on mid-temp for 4-5 minutes Take entire skillet and put in bottom shelf of oven for 12 minutes Take ducks out and wrap in foil for 10 minutes

Sauce: Add to “duck droppings” just under half a bottle of red wine and reduce. Add salt, pepper, and creamy garlic and now capers and butter. Serve sliced duck over cauliflower and add sauce. Enjoy with your favorite salad or veggies.

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