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Fighting Alzheimer’s and Dementia with Diet

22 Aug

As many of you know, my 89-year old mother suffers from dementia and has for the past several years. I’ve watched her and the residents in the memory care facility she lives in suffer through these tragic diseases. Esposita has long been researching the effect diet has on preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. There is lots of evidence to the fact that diet plays a huge role. In fact, as we study more, I can look at my mother’s eating habits during the past 20 years and I am convinced this was a factor.

I subscribe to a cool newsletter on aging that I started getting when my mother started showing signs of dementia. It’s called Silver Planet. Today, I received a newsletter with this excellent article on diet and preventing these two dreaded disease. It matches up perfectly to what Esposita and I have read. I want to share it with you. The author’s name is Laura MacDougall and she is a chef and owner of Home Plate Advantage.

Read the article

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The Eye-Test Garlic Burger

11 Mar

Saturday nights dinner…

My Eye-Test Garlic Burger with a Paleo Flair:

  • Eye-Test means no measurements. You use your eyes to decide how much you want to out in. It’s the “Eye-Test” baby!
  • 2 pounds of grass-fed ground beef. I repeat..GRASS-FED. Don’t waste your time or your health on ground beef that may have those fillers. Costs more but worth it for health AND taste. Enough said.
  • 2 cage-free, hormone-free eggs. Cage-free, hormone free. Do I need to say more?
  • Garlic powder. 21 Seasonings. Lemon Pepper. Use your eyes. Be liberal with your amounts for added flavor.
  • Mix well. Stick it on your grill. I love my mini George Foreman grill. Four patties fir perfectly and I grill them for 10 minutes. Cold and windy outside. Perfect inside. Just saying…

Esposita made her world-famous sweet potato fries. Perfectly okay for my Paleo pals. Sliced up the sweet taters; added olive oil and the Montreal Grill spice. This stuff is out-of-bounds. In the oven at 380 degrees for about 20  minutes (feel this one, too).

We threw in the leftover green beans we had the night before. Add in a new wine I picked up at Trader Joe’s. It’s a Francis Ford Coppola “Rosso.” Very. very nice. Went perfectly with the meal. I will be trekking back to Trader’s for more.

You have this recipe with my blessing (Esposita’s tambien!). A terrific Saturday night meal.

P.S. Almost forgot for my Paleo Pals. The burgers were sans bread. I added some additional flavor and fun with Trader Joe’s Tartar Sauce with a Kick. Just the right “POW” for a perfect burger. We don’t need no stinking bread!

Eat Well.


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A Case Against Soda

9 Mar

I stopped drinking soda years ago…maybe even decades. The stuff is literally no good for you. More new information is out on cancer concerns with soda…

Watch ABC story here

The guy being interviewed is right. The bigger concern is simply the sugar. Diabetes and obesity will probably kill you before any cancer. So do yourself a favor. Stop drinking soda for your health. So what should you drink instead?

Water, Unsweetened tea (go ahead and use a lemon), 100% fruit juice, coffee is okay but lay off the sugar. Okay, if you know me you know that I drink mochas and lattes, especially from Starbucks. I get it. However, I don’t drink them every day and only one on the days I do. This is also about keeping it real with amount.

Oh, I almost forgot. red wine is good for you. Just saying…

Eat Well,


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