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Guest Blog – Our Food Supply

26 Mar

This week’s focus: our food supply I’m concerned about our food supply and what I’ve personally consumed. How is it that it’s become okay that:

  • Hamburger has included “pink slime”
  • We add sugar to everything–including salt
  • Salt is used in amounts three times or more what we need on a daily basis
  • We use MSG (which has 14 different names including “natural flavorings”) to make our brains think the food tastes better. [Note: it doesn’t make the food taste better!]
  • Chemical substances are routinely added to our food–read the content labels.

How is it that food has become a negotiation with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)? How is that a “beef” taco has to have laws defining what “beef” is allowed to consist of? How is it that companies can lobby the FDA to have their additives included in our food supply? Is this in our best interest or theirs?

If we are going to thrive physically and mentally, we must become more aware of what we are ingesting.

Dave Gardner is a friend and colleague from the Bay Area. He is a terrific guy who I am constantly learning from. When I read his weekly business message, I asked if I could add him as a guest blogger for the week. Thanks, Dave!