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Football Returns – And so do the parties

17 Aug

Tailgating can be done from the comfort of your own living room with friends, and that is what Esposita and I are hosting tonight. The Seahawks are on the tube for their second pre-season game, we’ve got our Hawks gear on and waiting for our friends to join us.

A never fail option for football is quesadillas. It’s a perfect party food and you can really do the tailgate with beer, wine, or other beverages. I have a new bottle of Bakon Vodka and I’ve been perusing a few recipes. I don’t care for it solo, but I do when mixed. If you like bacon and you like vodka, check it out. Their web site is here.

Tonight you can follow my game analysis on my Twitter – @TheFoodJefe. Honestly, as big a football nut as I am, it’s still early in pre-season. Easier to relax and enjoy the food!

Eat well,


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The Cocky Carrot

19 May

Found this cool cocktail on line. It’s called the Cocky Carrot…

1 1/2 oz vodka
1 1/2 oz orange Cointreau
2 oz carrot juice

Pour over ice into glass

Top off with a little sparkling water.

Very nice. Bugs Bunny gives two thumbs up!

Drink well,


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Mojito Madness

1 Apr

Okay, so my March Madness posting has been sporadic at best. The basketball has been spectacular as normal, as is the fun in watching it.

Yesterday was a beautiful Easter Sunday and we watched no hoops. Instead, we gathered on the porch on a 70 degree day with our neighbors and drank mojitos.

These mojitos were special. Instead of using rum, we used the nectar of my Colombian roots – aguardiente!

Here’s what you use:

Aguardiente (available in Poulsbo at the High Spirits liquor store thanks to Peter Crabtree), freshly squeezed lime, lime flavored seltzer water, sugar, and frozen mango chunks. Oh, and if course fresh mint with a sprig sticking out of your glass. A perfect drink on a perfect day.

Esposita made a large punch bowl full, so I have no measurements. Those will follow in another post!

Photos of my hija Mindy and me; me chillin’ on the porch with my mojito!
Eat well,


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Madness #3

22 Mar

Harvard and LaSalle just busted everyone’s bracket, including mine…

In honor of Boston and Philadelphia respectively (and because its Lent), here’s tonight’s Madness meal de jour…

– Grilled swordfish seasoned with simply salt, pepper, and olive oil, and a 3-ball from the deep corner
– Homemade tartar sauce – mayo, diced kosher pickles, capers, salt, Dijon mustard, and a full court press
– Green peas coming off the pick and roll
– aided greatly by the big man posting up – a Cabernet Sauvignon from the Rex Goliath Giant 47 pound Rooster.

Who knows, maybe a smooth shooting Aguardiente to cap off the game. We shall see!

Eat Well,


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Madness #2 – The Benchwarmers

21 Mar

Watching the Jack Rabbits from South Dakota State beating Michigan early in what is basically a home game for the Wolverines at the Palace in Auburn Hills. I love the Jack Rabbits. I took Michigan begrudgingly in my bracket, but the Jack Rabbits is easily one of the best mascot names ever (I also love the Akron Zips and Western Kentucky Hilltoppers).

The local boys from Spokane, the Gonzaga Bulldogs almost ending up eating a crow dinner with a side of “Southern” fried chicken after nearly laying an egg against Southern University.

Thursday games leave little to tailgate to as its actually a work day and I’m lucky I remembered to take something out if the freezer. I chose a swordfish that can be grilled on the old George Foreman. However, as I think about this, tomorrow is Friday and we will ned to eat fish for dinner. It might just go back in the freezer for consumption tomorrow. What to do?

Esposita will be home soon and we will discuss. We need someone coming in off the bench for dinner. I really don’t want another pizza, so it might mean a quick trip to the market.

What do you like as a benchwarmer coming in at the last minute? Must be easy, tasty, and healthy for me. Candidates include a quiche, hamburgers, nachos, and an old non-Paleo standard, grilled cheese (gourmet style). Tonight still to be determined. Check out my Twitter later to see who came in off the bench – @TheFoodJefe

Eat well,


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Luck of the Irish Death

17 Mar

My special drink for the festive Dia de San Patricio…an Irish Death milkshake. Here we go…

1 cup Irish Death beer (my absolute favorite)

1 1/2 cup gourmet chocolate ice cream. My preference is a local rock star brand called Whidbey Ice Cream (from Whidbey Island where I grew up)

Blend starting with low and them move to high (per Jeff Mauro of Food Network). Do not liquefy – needs to be thick

Grade dark chocolate with 85% cocoa

Drink slowly. This is really hard to do. It’s cold, rich, and delicious!

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The Señorita de Cinnamon

3 Mar

My new Sunday drink concoction….

1 shot of tequila
5 ounces of orange juice
A hefty dose of ground cinnamon
And to be on the safe side – a cinnamon stick

Stir and enjoy!

P.S. no ice baby. This señorita is sexy straight up without any hielo. Ojala que the disrutas!

That means drink and enjoy, baby!

Drink well,


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