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Oh Boy Avocado!

6 Dec

I just had an angry email sent to me. It was my first as the Jefe so I’m feeling good. Here it is…

Dear Jefe,
I strongly dispute your assertion in the Scrambled egg post on November 9th  that coconut oil is the only good oil to cook with.  Try Avocado oil, which you can find at Costco or a gourmet food shop.  It has a higher smoke point than your coconut oil,  520F compared to 350F to 450F for coconut oil (Depending of course upon if you are using virgin or refined). It has a great flavor as well as providing much versatility in cooking options.  It is also high in Vitamin E and Monounsaturated fats, which promote good HDL (at least in a few studies).”

Okay…so it was my brother-in-law and he really wasn’t angry, but it sounded good.

I LOVE avocados so I’m all over this like an avocado on a taco. I’m going to head to my local Costco and see what’s cooking. More to come!

Oh…Thanks, Matt!

Eat well,


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Avocado Amazing!!

29 Apr

Un-freaking unbelievable!

We needed to do a quick turnaround for dinner tonight and Esposita rose to the challenge.

We had some tasty swordfish we purchased at Trader Joe’s. Esposita decided to make a nice avocado topping for the fish. Here is what she did…

1. Avocado (duh)
2. Fresh squeezed Lime juice
3. Fresh cilantro
4. Salsa (no tomatoes in the fridge)

A perfect topping on a delicious white fish. In addition, she peeled a zucchini and made noodles by using a fancy-schmansy peeler-grader tool. She then threw Parmesan on top. Add a few peas for character and VIOLA…a perfect Monday night dinner!

For my Twitter followers, we ran out if time for Patacones. The plantains are still in waiting…

Eat well,


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Eating Out for Business

7 Mar

When you find yourself eating out a lot for business, it’s really tough to eat Paleo. It’s hard to avoid sugars, bread, and other carbs. Today, I found myself at one of my favorite places to eat, the Washington Athletic Club in downtown Seattle.

The WAC’s food is awesome, but I’ve been eating outside my 80% Paleo rule lately. As I found myself feeling that lunch-time hunger pang, I turned my attention to salads. Here’s what I chose…

A delicious Tuna Avocado salad. Lots of tuna and tons of avocado slices. Avocado is totally Paleo and a great substitute for many sugary and high carb items. The salad was also dressed with plenty of greens and tomatoes. I lightly dressed it with a nice raspberry vinaigrette. I’m sure that had some sugar, but I didn’t use a lot and it kept it well within my boundaries.

Here’s the deal – it’s a good thing to eat with clients and prospects for business. In fact, it’s almost essential. It’s also easy to pack on the pounds with a lot of rich food. Find ways to keep it light (you will also perform better in business…really) by finding salads with unique and cool offerings. Avoid creamy and preservative-filled dressings and opt for oils and vinegar. You will walk away lightly and fulfilled.

Eat Well,

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