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Hamburguesas Colombianas

13 Dec


Home run just hit after it looked like it only had warning track depth…

Here’s the deal. I found this fantastic new recipe for hamburgers on one of my favorite web sites, My Colombian Recipes. Erica Dinho is a Colombian in New York and I avidly follow her Twitter account to stay current on her recipes. I found this recipe for Hamburguesas Colombianas. I decided to make these for Esposita as she had a long week of commuting for work. Remember, I’m a stay at home, work from home hubbie. I figured it might score me some points.

It didn’t exactly go as planned. I probably didn’t chop up the scallions and onions as well as Erica might have. A little chunky. I also added an egg because it seemed to dry for me. When I went to the slaw, that’s where I ran into problems. I don’t have a food processor. Yes, you read correctly…no food processor. I only read the ingredients before I went shopping. So I had to call an audible. I decided to turn the slaw into a sauce. I mixed the mayo, the sour cream, lime juice, salt, pepper, paprika, and cumin all together and whisked vigorously. Tasted pretty good. I was still nervous though as I went to pick up Esposita. I thought my home run drive might land in deep left centerfield. Warning track power only. Why did I feel this way? The onions were a little chunky and I had to deviate from a perfectly good recipe because I didn’t read ahead.

Esposita got home and the house actually smelled great. She started eating my sauce with the Sea Salt potato chips before I even started grilling. I was scared she was going to finish it off before the burgers came out! Bottom line is the burgers and the sauce were home runs. Esposita said the burger was her new favorite. I’m not sure if she was exaggerating but she ate it all up!

Here you go…I’m going to let you check out Erica’s web site for the real recipe. I’ve got a backup for the food processor and I’m going to try it again. The beauty of this dish is the cumin and paprika. They really make the burger and the sauce pop. Make your next burger special by cooking it Colombian style!

Eat well,


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Mad Man – A Little Kailua and Blue Cheese

10 Nov

Saturday night is Mad Man night. No Donald Draper here, though!

Grilled some burgers tonight on the mini-George Foreman. Here’s what I put in to just under 2 pounds of grass fed beef (remember I never measure…that’s no fun)…

2 eggs
Olive oil
Blue Cheese
Garlic Powder

Mix generously with your hands and treat them like gold. Make sure they are a nice consistency. Grill them for 10 minutes. They come out with the blue cheese oozing. I could have added ,ore Kailua now that I tasted them. Didn’t come through as much as I wanted, yet the consistency was perfect. Next time, I will add the Kailua first and then the oil. Regardless, Esposita said it rocked, along with the 14 Hands Cabernet. Next up…movie night. Larry Crowne on deck!

Eat Well,


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